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This is a fantastic thread. All of the previous posts are going into my "new best parenting advice" log. There is a really nice thing posted at my kids' pre-school that reads something to the effect of: "Each child is a complete version of herself at that stage. A two-year-old is not an incomplete three-year-old, a four-year-old is not an incomplete five-year-old, and so on."

It's worded a lot better than that but you all get the idea.
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Enjoy your children when they are young. Take advantage of the times as youngsters when they want your attention and want to be with you. It seems to fade quickly as they get older.
--Kim, Kentucky

Do not be afraid to ask for help
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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
My Mom told me that when you have a baby everybody & their sister will have an opinion or piece of advice for you. She said to nod & smile & then ignore them all & do what feels right.
My mother says a similar thing - "No one knows 'better' how to raise a child than grandparents and people who don't have kids!"

She also says, "A little empathy, calmness, and common sense go a long way." That was her motto for parenting and she's passed it to me
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"You're not raising a child, you're raising an adult." (A reminder to me to keep a long term view.)

Awesome thread!
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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post
My Mom told me that when you have a baby everybody & their sister will have an opinion or piece of advice for you. She said to nod & smile & then ignore them all & do what feels right.
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Not to circumcise my son and never let anyone retract his foreskin.
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I have gotten this advice in various forms from several people in my life. I think it applies to life in general as well and I have always tried to live by it:

"Plan for the future and treasure the past, but don't wish away time now for some future date or wallow in past joys as you will miss out on the joys of the here and now!"
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"Life is a journey, not a race."

That was someone's signature line on a message board I used to read. It reminds me not to push my kids too much (which I tend to do).
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I am collecting these. I'm glad you started this thread.

"Everything changes; trust yourself"----from MDC (sorry I don't remember who you were..let me know if it is you!)

"Let love take care of the unknown"---can't remember again

"Savor it anyway"---Alicia Bayer (her website is magicalchildhood)

"Yeah, I know can't do it forever but I also know I don't have to"----my friend's Aunt to her pediatrician on waking up at night with her son.

"Here's to maddening kids, cheap wine, washable markers, pink hair spray, endless laundry, homemade bread, messes and meteors. The good and the bad and the magical... it's a package deal".~ Alicia Bayer
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So many good ones!

"Don't let your anxieties become their anxieties." -- our pediatrician

"Will this matter tomorrow?" - unknown
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I LOVE "All behavior is communication." This is one of the most important things I can think of. Along the same lines, "Get to the root of the problem" for toddlers. For babies, stop looking at the clock.
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You can never spoil a baby.

Enjoy it while you can (regarding baby's wanting to be held all.the.time - b/c we all know they don't want to be held forever!)
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I got two of the best pieces of advice from the same person.
-I was complaining about how the baby crying when I tried to hurry home to feed her. Her suggestion? "Well, then just stop and feed her"
-I was again, complaining about how I have to get up all hours of the night to settle her back to sleep. She brought me a book to help with my baby's sleeping.
Dr.Sears "Nighttime parenting "

I owe my transistion to attachment parenting/gentle discipline to her.
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My mom said this to me a few years ago when I was going through a tough time with DD#1's behavior:

"When a child is at their worst is when they need your love and patience the most."

I try to think about this everytime I want to scream at the girls for misbehaving and it really helps me put things back into perspective.
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you can never hold a baby to much
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From my mother: "Never ask a two-year-old a yes-or-no question."

From my cousin: "If you watch TV, get a DVR."
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From my mom (mostly before I ever had kids):

"If your body is designed with it/to do it, that's the way to go" That's paraphrased from numerous comments about the value of foreskins and breastmilk.

"You can't spoil a child with too much love/You can't spoil a baby."

"If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't."

"Kids get wet and dirty. They just do. You might as well enjoy it."

"He doesn't need that stuff. He needs you."

"You don't need to be perfect at this - nobody is."

One of her friends once told me that she knew I'd be a good mom, because I don't sweat the small stuff. She didn't mean it as advice, but I did take it that way. For a variety of reasons, I do sweat the small stuff more than I used to, and it does have a negative impact on my parenting.

My ex-MIL:
"You just need to remember the important thing about kids. They're just small people."

Lots of random comments about the importance of love, hugs, fresh air, home-made food, and real interaction, as opposed to designer labels, fancy electronics and a show home.

And, an old friend (can't remember which one now...how odd) once told me that the most important thing to remember about being "mommy" is that mommy is me. My kids needed me to be myself before anything else.
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Babies can't be spoiled.

Do what works best for your family and your baby.

This too shall pass.
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Now I remember. Erma Bombeck, of all people, said that you should never, ever turn down a hug or a kiss. That is the one piece of advice I've really tried to follow.
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"The days are long but the years are short."

It's the tagline to our family blog, and it really informs a lot of the decisions I make.
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