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Rolling Over?

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I never officially joined this DDC, but my DS was born July 13th and is rolling over both ways at 10 weeks. He also commando crawls pretty well. I wanted to see if any of your babes were there yet. I can tell already that he will be hanging from the rafters. We co-sleep and he moves and grunts all night long. It's driving me crazy. Anyone else rolling over this early?
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I hardly put Poppy down long enough for her to even try And she sleeps all swaddled up, so no rolling here yet! She pushed with her legs when she's on her tummy but doesn't really cover any ground. She sometimes does the night grunting and it suuuucks because I'll sit up and starty to get my boob out before I really wake up and realize she's not wanting to eat, she's just making noises. I love having super mommy hearing powers, though LOL
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My Poppy isn't put down much unless she's asleep (mostly because with an active school age child, an active toddler and a big dog there are few places and times when she can be put down safely). When she is down she's able to roll from her back to her side, but not all the way to her tummy. When she sleeps next to me at night she'll roll from her side nursing position to her tummy.
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My Poppy, (how weird is that 3 in a row), can roll from her back to side well especially if there is food involved. She has rolled to her belly a few times, but gets really upset when that happens. She definitely does not have the arm strength to go from tummy to back yet. She can move herself well in bed, in a jackknife position to get closer to me when she wants to eat.
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DD started rolling from tummy to back around 2 months old. She can also roll from back to side especially when she knows the boob is close by.
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ds started rolling from belly to back when he was 9 weeks. i thought it was a fluke but he has done it a bunch since then. crazy little monkey!
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Yikes! I can't believe babies are rolling already! Paxton is a belly sleeper and, "travels" if I lay him down in his crib or co-sleeper. So, I've been keeping an eye on him, BUT did not really think about rolling yet! I don't think my other two rolled until they were much older. BUT, this guy is so different from his brothers, he has done everything early so far (and is also MUCH bigger), that I wouldn't be surprised if he started rolling soon. DH and I were truly amazed at what strong neck strength this guy had even when he was only 1 day old, he was holding his head up already!
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Mine is an occasional tummy to back roller and a back to side roller. He's a strong one who can scoot around on his tummy.
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Maybe I need to put DD (12 wks) down more often! I had her doing 'tummy time' last Sunday and she kind of tipped/rolled over a few times; nothing like that since then.
I try to give her naked bottom time every morning and she has started to push off of her left side and rotate 90 degrees. But no other tricks.

OTOH... I think she's teething
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Cal started rolling from belly to back at 16 days. We thought it was a fluke, but nope, he does it all the time. Actually, my dd started at 10 days! I have that on video! He rolls back to side too, but not back to belly yet. I haven't seen him doing any sort of crawling yet, but he doesn't spend much time on his belly - he pops over most of the time!
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Caroline constantly wants us to hold her. She can roll to her side.
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C is 2.5mos and doesn't roll. He rolled once accidentally at about 2wks, he is *almost rolling* now - his arm gets in the way. I had been nervous about putting him down until recently because of our wild 2yo....but, he didn't roll until around 4mos either and now he is a monkey, so I'm not worried.
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