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Less than 24 hours and we will be in our new house. I feel surprisingly calm, I was expecting to feel quite emotional about leaving but I am mostly excited about the new place. The house doesn't feel much like "home" now pretty much everything is packed.

We still have some work to do in the kitchen. We've been moving all the last bits in there as we've packed the other rooms. All the socket covers and bits we've fished out from behind radiators and stuff. The aim is to just have one "junk" box instead of all the little piles we had around the house.

Hopefully on Monday I will be posting with pics of the new house.

Roller Coaster Mama, good look with the open house. I hope you get lots of interest. Hope everyone elses weekends go according to plan.
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Wow LaughingHyena, that's so exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures. I'm hoping that what you said about the old house not feeling as much like home after you pack up is true for us too. I don't particularly love our apartment, but it's where my daughter was born! Where we breastfed on the couch all night for those first few weeks...where she learned how to sit and crawl and say mama. It will be hard to leave!

RollerCoasterMama, good luck with your open house!

Things are on hold here. There are some problems with SIL's lease, so she has to get reapproved before we can move in with her. Ugh, I had a feeling moving in with her was going to be kind of a bad idea! DH's heart is set though, so we're going to do it. I just hope she gets all her ducks in a row. I'm decluttering anyway, I figure even if this move doesn't happen, it's still good for us.
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Open house is today! (Right over DS's nap-time of course, but we'll deal.) And we had a looker on Friday night.

I had to buy plane tickets on Friday for DS and STBX for Christmas, so my savings fund is seriously depleted, but it will be back to where it needs to be later this week. I signed my lease and can start moving gradually Dec. 1!! Hooray!!

I've been having fun window shopping for furniture. I think I've decided on semi-girly shabby-chic for my room. I haven't got to do girly in a long long time!!!
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Wow, a week since I posted here. IT doesn't feel like we have been here that long.

Moving day went pretty well, I was impressed at how well the children handled it. DS went to look at his room and said "my room is empty, bye bye bedroom" DD was a bit tearful while were were loading but seems to have settled in well.

The new house is slowly beginning to fee like home, we've got curtains and light shades up now which has made a big difference.

The cleaning is taking longer than I expected, the previous owners smoked and had 2 dogs so I was expecting it to take a while. Still after shampooing and steam cleaning the carpets they no longer smell and I think we will get away without replacing them, that's good news for the budget.

Unfortunately it turned out that the oven was broken, of course I only found this out after buying a chicken to roast! We elected not to shop round too much and went for the same model as we had before. It feels good to be able to cook again and I use the oven a lot.

We are spending a lot of time with paint charts and decorating books. I found this website which has lots of decorating ideas
This really is the exciting bit.
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LaughingHyena: congrats on surviving the move!! I tried to look at the link and it kicked me off after a very tantilizing peek for a few seconds. I'll try again from home. :-D

I'm having fun decorating my house-to-be in my head! Starting with almost no furniture means that I can do anything I want!!! (Luckily, we have joint finances and agree that I can save up for a little furniture before we divide completely---after that, it's up to my budgeting skills.)

I've never actually done the decorating thing--I just make do with what I have already. Once I figured out what I wanted, it's all coming together!! Etsy is my decorating friend. :-D
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Hi mamas!

We'll be moving anytime between January and April, and I actually wish I had more to do around here right now to prepare.
The house we live in right now is really, really tiny, so we're already living with the bare minimum.

The fun part will come when my grandparents (we're buying the house from them) get some of their stuff cleared out so that I can start putting furniture in there. The only furniture we have to move is a bed, 2 dressers, a desk and a few shelves. We're going to have to furnish 7 extra rooms in the new house. I haven't had the guts to work up a rough $ total for that yet.
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I've started putting up some before pictures on my blog

more to come soon, hopefully some after ones too.
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Last night was our last night here. Will be staying at our new apartment for a few months until everything gets sorted out for the new place. Kitchen is packed up, clothes and last minute kitchen stuff will be moved today. POD is coming on Friday for furniture. Then we will have a few days to clean up and finish moving the myriad of little things that seem to remain after SO MUCH PACKING AND MOVING!!! I cannot wait to be at this point next week. I am so done with this.
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getting ready to move... realtor is coming Friday! Whoa. There's so much to clean/do!

How much should it cost to have carpets cleaned? windows cleaned? ceiling painted?
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Today was actual moving day even though we've been staying at our apartment for a few days. Everything fit into one POD. Plus we have about 1/2 of a stall in our in-law's garage filled. I am relieved that it is DONE. We have to go back to the house and get the swing set and grill. I made a big dinner for the friends that helped us move, so I wasn't there for the moving. My friend vacuumed the house for me, so I only have to touch up before the closing this week. So nice to have good friends.
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