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Mothering Magazine has joined this suit with CoMeD and the Methodist Synod and hopes you will participate. From the Rev. Lisa Sykes:


I wanted to quote from one of my favorite Dr. Suess books “The Time has come, the Time is now”. CoMeD needs our help. CoMeD has a pending lawsuit to force the Federal Government to mandate that all Pregnant women not receive Mercury laced Flu Shots. The Judge said that he needs to know what is happening when "woman of child-bearing age" and “pregnant women” seek out a Flu shot. The judge clearly said "no one wants unborn children to be hurt and everyone knows mercury is bad for you..."

CoMeD needs women of child bearing age to send them Declarations. These Declarations will record what happens what took place when visiting a pharmacy, Dr.’s Office, etc inquiring about Flu shots. CoMeD contends in court that it is not easy for a Pregnant women to get a Mercury Free shot. Many businesses do not have them available, many are ill-informed, many pre-fill syringes, many still have “Trace” amounts, making it even harder for the consumer to authoritatively confirm that what they are getting is in fact Mercury-Free.

So here is where we need everyone to Pay it Forward. In order for CoMeD to have standing in court to convince the Judge that this is a real and present danger for Pregnant woman they need to receive hundreds of Declarations stating accounts of difficulty of problems with trying to receive a Mercury-Free shot. We need it by Tuesday, September 29th {DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: PLEASE KEEP DECLARATIONS COMING!} We are hoping that CoMeD will receive hundreds of Declarations just like the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”.

Instructions for Completing your Declaration

I am including 2 Forms in this Email. The first form is a CoMed Action Alert Data sheet to help you gather the necessary information as well as record keys facts about your visit. Please note that our expectation is that you will not be getting the shot, our expectation is that you will inquire and report what takes place. The 2nd form is a draft copy of the Declaration. What you need to do is enter your visit details and experience into the Declaration form and then send it to CoMed. Details of how to send the Declaration are included in the Action Alert Data sheet.

Instructions for Re-submitting your Completed Declaration

Also if you already have sent in a Declaration, this Declaration needs to be re-submitted with updated information. There is a new requirement in the wording of the Declaration, specifically in point one that you need to add “, and I am a member of CoMeD”. Due to a stir being raised by DOJ, we are going back to everyone who filed a dec and asking that you change the sentence "CoMeD represents my interests..." to "I am a member of CoMeD." Membership, btw, requires nothing but the desire to protect people from mercury...no dues, meetings, etc.

If you have any questions with filling in the Declaration please do not hesitate to call me. There are a lot of legal details that needs to be included, and you need to stay within the letter of the form.

CoMed - http://mercury-freedrugs.org/

United Methodist Church - www.gbgm-umc.org/umw

Rev. Lisa Sykes <syklone5@verizon.net>
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CoMed Action Alert Data Sheet

CoMeD, a 501c3 corporation, is continuing to seek a preliminary injunction in Federal Court to stop pregnant women from being given mercury-preserved flu shots.
Politely visit a pharmacy, retail store, clinic or medical office, asking for a flu shot.

1. Ask “As a women who might be pregnant, I am curious, does this flu shot contain Thimerosal (mercury)?” (Express a desire to avoid the nasal flu mist vaccine.)

2. After previous question is answered, check packaging to see if the healthcare provider is correct: does the package list Thimerosal (mercury) as an ingredient?
(Click LINK to know what to be alert for)

First you ask about risk and benefits. Then, you ask "What if I am pregnant..."
Then you ask, "I've been hearing something about a preservative..." "Is it dangerous?"
"What is it made of?" "Is it in there?" "If I'm pregnant do you still recommend it?"

3. After your visit, immediately record your experience by writing down what you remember.

Here is the information that you will want to record from the visit and from your experience:
tell story of what happened in your own words [including the following information, if available]:

a. Name(s) of the person(s) with whom you spoke and their title,

b. What flu vaccine were you offered when you requested a flu shot?
Brand: “Fluzone”, “Fluvirin”, “Afluria”, FluLaval”?

c. Vial—was it multi-dose, or single dose/pre-loaded syringe?
FluMist – DECLINE!!! because SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN to women who MAY be pregnant ACCORDING to CDC!

d. Were you given any literature, forms, printed material on the shot offered?

e. Were you told it was mercury/preservative free?

f. When you checked the packaging, did the shot contain mercury and was the healthcare provider correct when they said it did or did not have mercury in it?

g. Did person(s) with whom you spoke make any safety-related distinction between the Thimerosal-preserved flu shots and the preservative-free or Thimerosal-free vaccines?

h. Did the health professional(s) with whom you spoke strongly advise you to get a flu shot or appear to “pressure” you in any way?

THEN INSERT INFORMATION ACQUIRED and your personal information appropriately into the “Declaration” format provided, delete all extra text and unused items, spell-check & print out, and FINALLY, review, SIGN appropriately, and: (You must submit your Declaration document by September 29th)

A. FAX to Clifford Shoemaker, Esq. at: 703-281-5807, AND/OR

B.SCAN in your SIGNED Declaration and E-mail as an attachment (pdf or jpeg) to: paulgkingphd@gmail.com AND/OR

C.MAIL to: Clifford Shoemaker, Esq., 9711 Meadowlark Road, Vienna, VA 22182
Your statement could make the difference in protecting unborn children from unnecessary exposure to mercury from flu shots this year! We are a tax-exempt organization seeking to ensure that marketed and approved drugs are safe and mercury-free. Please help us to safeguard pregnant women and unborn children!

Call Nancy at 856-220-7094 if you have questions.
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Sample Declaration for Those Trying to Obtain Mercury-free Flu Shots

You need to replace items in < > (carets), like your name, or, if a list of choices is provided, make the appropriate choice and delete the bullets, others choices and extra spaces.
It is suggested that you print out the example text for the “Declaration” (ABOVE) and use it as a guide for information gathering.
Then, you should change the example text appropriately and, IMPORTANTLY, REMOVE:
1. ALL of the “guidance text” phrases included (e.g., “Must include this sentence:”, “In your own words OR as stated:”, “Your experience:”, “[CHOOSE ONE]”); and
2. ALL of the other extra text including the options you did NOT choose.
Next please spell check your final “Declaration” and PRINT it.
Finally, PLEASE sign, with you full legal signature, your “Declaration” and FORWARD your signed Declaration as follows:
A. FAX to Clifford Shoemaker, Esq. at: 703-281-5807, AND/OR
B.SCAN in your SIGNED Declaration and E-mail as an attachment (pdf or jpeg) to: paulgkingphd@gmail.com, AND/OR
C.MAIL to: Clifford Shoemaker, Esq., 9711 Meadowlark Road, Vienna, VA 22182
Thanking you in advance, the CoMeD Plaintiffs look forward to receiving your Declaration in this matter.
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If you are a pregnant woman who got a flu shot containing mercury who did not realize this at the time, please contact Rev. Lisa Sykes at syklone5@verizon.net

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Please note the deadline has been extended until further notice. Please keep the Declarations coming!
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