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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Diapering › has anyone ever used a wrap-around wipes warmer?
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has anyone ever used a wrap-around wipes warmer?

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and how does it work for you? do you get scorching at all?
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you're talking about one of the wrap around ones meant to go around the plastic wipes container, right?
we had one of those, worked great! we used huggies unscented wipes, never had any problems.
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I use one with washclothes. Works great I just make sure there is at least half a container of water in there,
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I have one I want to use, but I guess I need a disposable wipes container which I don't have... anyone have an empty one they want to send me? Or what else can you use that won't melt?
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I used a sterilite flip top container with mine and it worked fine (found at hell-mart) . I never had a problem with it burning anything. I just decided to skip the warmer all togetehr though because I was scared it would breed bacteria. Does anyone else worry about this?
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the warmth would def. contribute to bacteria if you left cloth wipes in distilled water to warm all the time. sposies are treated so they dont get bacteria, dont know with what, surely something i cant spell or pronounce...i've read tea tree oil in the wipe water helps keep cloth wipes germfree. i've also read that you could use a spray bottle and just wet the wipes as you use them.
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ROFLMBO @ 'hellmart' I call it Wal-Fart.

Yes, tea tree oil &/or lavender oil will keep bacteria at bay. I'll have to look for a Sterilite flip top. I have tupperware-like containers, but I don't think any of them are the right size.
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i tried cloth wipes with ds for awhile, but no matter what blend of liquid I put into the container (i tried tto and lavender), the wipes still always ended up smelling mildly funky...like they were starting to develop bacteria. I rotated a lot, cleaned the warmer once a week, and didn't keep a lot of wipes in there at the same time. I would like to use cloth wipes again, but need to find a solution to this problem.

if i use a squirt bottle, though, how do i keep that liquid warm?
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I never have issues with smells from my wipes warmer. I wash diapers and wipes in hot and use our filtered drinking water (reverse osmosis filtered) and Dr. Bronner's, TTO, Lavender, GSE, and Burt's Bees Apricot baby oil in the wipe solution. I also just get the wipes real wet, I don't have them sitting in standing water. Don't know which factors keep my wipes fresh, but they always are.
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Originally posted by mommajubilee
if i use a squirt bottle, though, how do i keep that liquid warm?
I use a squirt bottle now, and neither of my boys seem to mind the room-temperature water. I squirt a wipe and then kind of hold it in my hand for a few seconds to warm it up a bit before I wipe.

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Actually the nurse at dial-a-nurse (while usually worthless) said not to use wipes on my dd diaper rash (bleeding) because they have all sorts of bacteria. I mean think about it. It sits there forever and you wipe away poo, perhaps getting some on your finger and then reach for another one perhaps hitting the said of the container. Tihs is why I use washcloths. I just get my kids used to them cold early on. they don't seem to mind too much.
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