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Any mama's going to see furthur?? We just went to see Phish on sunday... it ROCKED!! Going to see Furthur in NYC early december!
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Here, here. Although I haven't been to a festie since my oldest was 8 mos. old. We are hoping and praying that we can go to Strange Creek in Greenfield, MA this spring.

I see a lot of RRE fans. Anyone listen to Ryan Montbleau Band? They are an awesome funky East Coast band.
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I'm hoping to see Furthur in February. I can't wait! I just saw Phish last night, great show, great crowd. Will be going to see them again in a few days at MSG
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Hello! What a group! You ladies sound like a fun group to hang out with!
Hubby and live in a small town in South TX and travel as much as possible for live music. Expecting our first lil one in early May...conceived on Phish tour actually!
Looking forward to bringing the lil one out to the community to see some great music, the beautiful country we live in, and the amazing people that come with this scene
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Greetings Ladies!

hello all! new to the group, here.

love the jam scene and lots of live music. i haven't made it to any festivals since my daughter (9 months old) was born, so i'm really missing it. made it to one phish show this last summer, and going to see tea leaf green in january (yay)!

any suggestions on festivaling with a little person? anecdotes, warnings, advice?

love and merriment to you all this holiday season!
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lucky lady! wish i was going to see furthur! have such a great time!
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Originally Posted by mlh View Post
Oh Milkymommi...I am sending you many hugs. I haven't been on MDC for a while now and I am sorry I didn't check the other day when you posted! I am so glad that you find some healing in music!
Thanks mama!!!! No worries... as you can see I don't make it here too often myself it seems! BTW totallt off subject but I LOOOOOOVE yer stuff. I'm a lot skirt stitchin' mama and I want to be just like you when I grow up. I've been an admirer for a long time :-) Very talented you are!

FURTHUR!!!!!!! All I can say is that if you can make a show during this winter tour DO IT!!! We hit the Wallingford CT show and it was completely bananas. Seeing the large span of Deadicated folk from over 4 decades is, welp, incredible and the air was ELECTRIC to say the least.

Set list

I: Shakedown Street, Alabama Getaway, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Pride of Cucamonga, Loose Lucy > Minglewood Blues > The Music Never Stopped

II: Jam > China Cat Sunflower > Eyes of the World > Born Cross-Eyed > Dark Star, Strawberry Fields, St. Stephen > The Eleven > Not Fade Away

Encore : Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad

"UJB" and "Rider" teases out of "China"

Can I just say that, Not Fade Away moved me and about 3000 other poeple to tears. The chant went on for a good 15 minutes after they left the stage and that was how we called them to encore. Mind Blowing stuff ladies.

The buzz about that show has been that it was the best show given by any combo of the guys since Jerry went on. Of course there are people upset that John Kadlecik from DSO sounds hauntingly like Jerry - I say FABULOUS!!! During the show I kept picturing Jerry smiling on everyone with approval. The bus is still rolling and I personally think he is honored by the tribute that is being paid to him via John. What an honor for HIM to be playing with Phil and Bob! He adds plenty of his own musical flair to the set as well but... whoa baby. Amazing.

Now. Get yer buns to a Furthur show FAST.... then come find me in the lot and we'll boogie down together for 4 hours inside.

We just got miracled tickets to the Boston show and we'll probably be in Ithica or the NH show too before heading for Oregon. We're moving there and coincidently in time to make the final show of the tour in Portland
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I just worked Further last month in VA(I am a stagehand) There were stickers all over the amp stacks the read ''I miss Jerry'' and my man used to travel with the Dead.
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WHoooooo got PTBM for summer tour? Me, me!!
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Hey Ladies!! Joining the tribe. Love music! Love Fests! I'm in Missoula, MT and we seem to be getting a lot of good music rolling through lately. I work with Earthbound Productions and we put on the annual Love Your Mother Earth Festival. This year June 11, 12, and 13th about 20 miles out of Missoula, MT. It's our first time at the new venue and should be amazing for our 4th year!! If any of you N. West Mamas are interested I handle the vending and workshops for the event. Just message me and I will send you more info. I have to say the only thing better than going to a show or festival is organizing orchestrating one!!

Who's hitting up Further Fest? Any Earthdance mama's in the group? Bummed it looks like neither Phish nor Further are hitting up The Gorge this year

I hope to be hitting both of those (Earthdance a definite!! So AmAzInG!!) and Reggae on the River. Will have to see how the budget rolls!
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fellow allgoodians...

We are headed to west virginia this summer for the all good festival. The kiddos are always wanting to go to shows with us and a lot of the bands that we usually try to catch are at all good this year. this will be our first camping festival with the kids and we are pretty stoked. we take them to other random festivals close to home(asheville), so they are know all about the fun of live music. (and the boring parts too). people watching is the most fun.
hoping to catch up with some other familys that are going as well.
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I can't wait until summer!

I won't be hitting up any major fests this year (short-staffed at work), but I will be seeing Phish during their New England run and Furthur as well.

Going to see Phish3D on the 20th in Boston.....should be interesting!

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Joining here! Dh is in a band that does a lot of covers/jam band stuff. Mostly Phish and Grateful Dead. We have gone to...a lot of Phish shows and dh used to go to more Phil Lesh and such but the whole kids & money thing. We are going to see Phish in Indy this August. I will be 6 months or so pregnant and taking our 2 year old. This will be her 2nd and 3rd show. We took my oldest to a Phish show in San Fran years ago and my 3rd child while pg with her and when she was little. Nice to meet y'all!
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Joining in here....getting VERY excited for Festival season and all the other good shows coming our way this summer. We just got our three-day passes for Widespread Panic at Red Rocks, and we'll be hitting up Rockygrass and Folks Fest in Lyons, CO. Other good shows on our calendar include the Avett Brothers tonight in Boulder (yeah!), Dave Rawlings Machine in June (boulder), and Darrell Scott in June (Denver). We're also thinking of heading back to Pagosa Springs for their Labor Day Festival.
Now, as far as the little one goes...can't decide if we'll bring her to Sunday Panic (afternoon show, usually more family friendly, but still a pretty hectic show, smoky, etc...). Festivals were easy last year with a 5-6 month old, but I'm a bit more worried about this year with a 1.5 year old. Really the sleeping thing is what I'm worried about. Last year Sadie would just nurse and fall asleep in my arms or Ergo during the late night sets, and she'd sleep in the tent just fine. This year...who knows? She's a creature of habit for sure and loves sleeping in her crib. I'm worried with the campground festival noise she won't nap and/or sleep, which means I won't sleep, which makes for a tough festival. Any other mamas have tips for getting your kiddos to sleep in a new/noisy festival environment?
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DD1 was 18-24 mos last spring/summer when we had a couple of weddings & concerts. When it was "bedtime" we would put her PJs on & I would wear her on my back in my kanga ssc (soft structured carrier-same idea as an ergo). She would fall asleep & stay asleep. I say when it's bedtime, try using your ergo again & keep her on you the whole time until you are ready to go to your tent & sleep. She is bound to fall asleep while on your back & then you don't have to worry about anything since she is "connected" to you

Sidenote-I was pregnant during that time & was able to wear her all night in my carrier...a good ssc is an amazing thing!!!! Granted, DD1 is tiny for her age. If your DD is heavier I guess i could see that being harder.
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Hey Rachel!! So excited for the season. We are doing Saturday Rocky Grass, Saturday Panic, and Ned Fest...probably a few Mishawaka shows thrown into the mix also!

I would agree that using the Ergo with Sadie is the best way to go. I am not sure about a Panic show with a 1.5 year old...I would probably skip on that so you can really enjoy yourself. We use Calm Forte with the kids while camping to help them sleep better (any calming herbs or homeopathics should help)..and she will be so exhausted, she will hopefully crash! My kids have always been great camping/festival sleepers...me on the other hand suck at it, but hey, I can live with being tired if there is some fun times ahead!

We should definitly hook up at Rocky Grass or Red Rocks!!
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Burning Man anyone?

Anyone go to Burning Man or a member of local Burner tribes?

We havent got to go to the main event yet. The last 4 years Ive either been pregnant, or my husband has been deployed. Next year we're going though! We've started a separate savings account for the trip and we are bound determined!

I am a member of Midwest Burners and Im going to a local burn this weekend. Excited that festival season is starting!

Im trying to find something that I can take my kids to this year. I still have yet to take my almost 4 year old camping which is a travesty. I heard there is a rainbow gathering in Iowa next month. Beyond that, I dont really know of anything kid friendly...
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mountaincaats - I think this year we're going to Allgood too - this will also be our first camping fest with the kids! I think we're also taking them to Delfest. Going all out for their first year They can handle camping overnight just fine and wandering around out in the woods, so I'm sure they'll love it with music! How old are your kids? My girls are 4 & 6.

Anyone who takes their kids regularly have any tips for the slightly older crowd? I miss the days we could tote them around on our backs!
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Ohhhh my, I am so excited to have even found this thread that I didn't wait to read all the posts before saying hello!

Another mama who hasn't been to a single show since DD was born Nearly a near ago although we are going to Nateva this summer instead of Vibes and will be seeing Phish in June because DH just loves them. I am so excited to be bringing DD to her first festival this summer although DH is on the nervous side about it.

I wanted to add that I am in total agreement with PPs about the Brew and Juggling Suns...Absolutely love them both. Although AOD holds a special place in my heart

The last show I went to was The Dead at worcester when I was about 7 almost 8 months preggo, so I am more than ready to get my dancing feet on this summer!
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