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Slight rant ahead.

Ok, I had my 12 week appt. with my doctor yesterday, and they weighed me and I LOST 2 LBS from my 9 week appointment! WHAT?!?!?!

I have no idea how that happened! I have no reason for it! I haven't been throwing up at all and have been eating things like KFC, donuts, ranch dressing, ice cream.....some of these things I haven't touched for years!

For most of my adulthood I have been systematically cutting out things I knew were just plain bad for me in an effort to maintain my weight and get healthier....movie theater popcorn, cooking with butter (switched to EVOO) drinking sodas, ranch dressing, fried chicken, Fritos, greasy pizza, HFCS, MSG.......

And now that I am allowing myself some consessions due to crazy cravings, and I actually WANT to gain, I LOSE weight? ARRRGGG!

Anyone else in the same boat? It may have something to do with the fact that this is my first. I am 27, am about 5'3 and weigh around 125....NO, more like 120 now!

(Oh, and btw, I have always had to work to maintain my weight...I am SO not one of those "I can eat whatever I want" ladies!)
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don't worry - you will make up for it later!!! I was the same way in my first trimester, but that last trimester I certainly made up for it
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I would worry too much - losing two pounds in one month isn't really significant, especially in early pregnancy. I lost about seven pounds between when I found out I was pregnant and my first visit. I don't think the office knew about it, but even if they did, it would have been fine. I have more than a few extra on me, so I have some to spare. I still haven't gained weight, but I think you're only 'supposed' to gain a small amount in the first trimester anyway. I think your body is just using more calories now to grow the baby. It may seem like you are eating a lot but your body is using what you are taking in. As long as you aren't throwing up excessively, you are probably fine b/c you are eating and you are absorbing/using the calories and nutrients you are taking in.

Strange as this may sound, were you wearing heaving clothes like jeans at your last visit or even your shoes? That could be two pounds difference. When I was doing WW, I made sure to not wear jeans on weigh in days b/c they are too heavy and I didn't want that to affect my weight. LOL
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I also wouldn't worry ladies! Your little bean doesn't need much calorie wise, but nutrient wise he/she really needs a lot! So keep eating nutritionally sound vitamin/mineral dense foods and your LO will get what they need.
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I wouldn't worry about it at all. I have lost a pound or so now at 10.5 weeks despite eating non-stop (and I don't mean salads, either). If I ate like this while not pregnant, I would blow up like a balloon. I just chalk it up to my metabolism being a lot higher right now. I know it'll catch up with me later, so it's cool. And your baby is fine as long as you are getting the appropriate nutrients (which you are if you are taking a prenatal vitamin).
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Thanks, ladies. I am not worried about it so much, just shaking my head at the irony of wanting to gain weight and not being able to do it!

Ah well, off to the kitchen!!
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I've lost as well, but I'm not worried about it.

Just to let you know, grassfed butter is one of the best things you can eat; especially if you're pregnant. Don't believe the saturated fat is bad hype.
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Originally Posted by lastrid View Post
I've lost as well, but I'm not worried about it.

Just to let you know, grassfed butter is one of the best things you can eat; especially if you're pregnant. Don't believe the saturated fat is bad hype.
I don't know about the healthfulness (I would believe it!) but OH-- so, so tasty. Grassfed butter on a good english muffin with local honey....

This post made me laugh. I lost a pound between 8 weeks and 12 weeks, and I was elated. I suspect it was almost all water weight (the bloat of those first weeks was ridiculous for me), so I would definitely not worry about it. Oh, and don't try to gain weight!! I was right on "weight gain" target through trimesters 1 and 2 with DD, feeling quite smug-- and then in trimester 3 I gained about 20 lbs of cheese&crackers and frosted mini-wheats
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I've lost 18lbs so far.

Thankfully my MW doesn't weigh her clients.

I'm a tad concerned since its so MUCH weight loss, but theoretically when the vomiting stops the weight loss will to. As long as Bean is growing (and it appears to be, as I'm growing) I think we're okay.
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weight loss

I agree...don't worry!

I've gained/lost 5 lbs. in a day on my scale at home. Of course, it probably isn't as reliable as one at a doctor's office, but scales and a person's body weight can really fluctuate. Could've been the clothes you were wearing. 2 weeks really isn't enough time to judge, in my opinion, esp. when it's just a few pounds. Plus, nurses and OBs (and even midwives working under OBs) get very nervous about nothing very frequently. Don't let them scare you (if you were scared at all!)

I've only looked at a scale once since I became pregnant and I'm not going to look again until my second trimester. It's really hard to keep shoveling food in on a nauseous, bloated and gassy stomach. If I've lost weight, I wouldn't be surprised.

Happy pregnancy and happy eating!
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I've lost weight too and I am not really worried. My body is taking a different shape.
I lost 17lbs with my daughter.
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Well, I had thought that I was staying the same for a long time. Then I thought I'd gained 3 pounds. Then I realized that if I moved my scale to different places on the floor that it varied by about 7 pounds.

So I've given up on my scale.
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