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I know it's mildly OT, but this is the closest I could think of since it's in relation to my streamlining, decluttering, downsizing, and moving process. So if there's a better spot, let me know please!

So, I've been sleeping on the sleeper sofa for a few months. It was brand new this spring. And is, um, NOT comfortable. I know there's alternatives out there. Foam and fancier inner spring, and air mattress types.

I can't find any info that hasn't been provided by the seller themselves. I'd rather make the sleeper sofa usable since we'll be in a small-ish home. This will be the guest space and I don't want to be THAT hostess!! Seems like every time I visit family, I end up sleeping somewhere painful. I hate it. I'd like to at least not hurt my relatives (ok, my parents get a hotel, but anyone else).

I've seen the foam mattresses in the $300 range. That would be do-able if it means a reasonable way to sleep. I've been surviving on the sofa-bed this summer by sleeping at interesting angles.

I'd really like to ditch the original mattress and get something decent. Help?