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Pixie - HOORAY!!!!
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Is everybody ok?

I hope so
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Ugh...I have been sick for 8 days now, Epiphany as well. Logan and Gavin just started showing symptoms a couple days ago. Thankfully it has only been the 4 of us, we really can't afford for Brian to get sick right now. I am just ready to feel better...like NOW lol. I also am wondering if the cough medicine I took is triggering a gall stone attack.I don't know what else would be doing it.
Hope everyone else is doing better.
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Wendybird - that is yucky and I'm sure gallsone pain isn't nice either.

Hopefully you will feel better soon and none of the others will get sick too. There is nothing worse than recovering yourself just in time to look after everyone else!
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Great news Pixie!! So glad to hear it.

We've had the flu here- worst part for me was the stomache bit. My boys had the fever but I just had some chills. My daughter might have escaped it entirely!

Post halloween...just negotiating/hiding/rationing the "cookies" as my little one calls the candy. He calls hot chocolate "cookie tea."
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(Oh, it's november. Moving post.)
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That's wonderful news!

Hey, you all, come to the November thread! We have jaffa cakes!
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