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It is actually probably easier (and cheaper) to just get either ski jackets and pants or one piece snowsuits/skisuits, instead of dealing with how to layer everything.

Definitely a couple pairs of gloves/mittens, a couple hats, sweaters, scarf or neck wrap, warm socks and snow boots. You can get away with fleece headbands if it isn't too hot, to cover your ears up and your forehead. Same thing with earmuffs.

And, don't forget SUNGLASSES!!! The sun and glare off the snow is really bad, and do damage to your retinas. Also SUNSCREEN, for the same reason. Don't forget, if you are going to the snow, you are going to higher altitude so the sun is stronger there. (I want to suspect you'll be going to Lake I right??)

The adults will be fine with jackets, gloves, hat, boots.........but since the kids will be playing in the snow, and they tend to get snow EVERYWHERE and get soaking wet, they will need the full Monty as far as snow dressing. In my opinion, for young kids, one-piece snowsuits are better than a jacket and pants-----they'll be rolling around in the snow and playing, and the snow will get up under the jacket and down the pants, and they get cold and will be soaking wet when you get them in.