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Diaper Sprayer Recommendations

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Which diaper sprayer do you have and like?

I was looking at this setup but didn't know if it was overkill. I'm hoping to avoid poop spraying all over my bathroom!
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WOW, I don't think you need the bucket part but if you want to go thru all that you can. Personally I think the sprayer alone just spraying down in the toilet will work just as good. Most all of the sprayers offered are the same brand just packaged by the difference diaper companies : ) Hope that helps
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I've heard great reviews about the BumGenius one. Supposedly very powerful and sturdy, no leaking.

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Everyone I know who uses a diaper sprayer loves the bumGenius one.
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The bumGenius one is the same as the Happy Heiny one and the Tiny Tush one etc.... They all just have them packaged with their name on them. : )
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