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I don't iron. Well, I do, but only sewing projects Somehow we are all still alive and reasonably presentable, despite what my mom seems to think...

We hang everything we don't want getting wrinkled right out of the dryer and fold stuff we don't care about.

On a related note, I once worked for an office where the owners actually tried to suggest to the therapists that they iron the linens for the massage tables in addition to washing and folding them (laundry time was ALREADY unpaid labor since we were independent contractors who got paid by the massage, not by time in the office) and when this suggestion was flatly refused, the owner got huffy and said she has someone come into her home and iron HER sheets on a regular basis.

I try not to pass judgment on people, but WHAT A FREAK.

Also, she was probably paying that person to iron sheets, not asking them to do it on their own unpaid's not like they did it because they just really liked her and wanted her delicate little booty to be spared the shock of encountering a wrinkled sheet.