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Originally Posted by Lyndzies View Post

joyseattle - I know I'm late w/ this response, but I probably would have gone ahead and insemed... what did you decide? I hope whatever it was it was timed well and that this is your month! Do you typically use OPKs? Are they a reliable method of predicting O for you? Do you have a pretty "typical" O day (if you've been charting for long)? FX!!!
I do use OPKs but don't put all my stock in them alone and fairly sure I was fertile based on other signs. OPK turned positive on Saturday, day of O, which is normal for me. We went ahead and did our second insem at about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning. Depending on what time my egg actually released, even the second insem may have been too early for our frozen swimmers to live, but we'll have to just wait and see.

Papa, or whoever has the thread now, can you please move to me the waiting to know camp?

Best of luck to those waiting (in one phase or the other)!
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Joyseattle - sounds good to me! OPKs are not always reliable, and you don't know when the surge started for sure, just when you first detected it, so your timing sounds good to me.

The presence of an open os and fertile CM and the release of an egg is necessary for conception, a positive OPK exactly when you want it is not. It's not like your egg is going to see the sperm and say "Hey, boys, let's take a step back now, the OPK was late!" Right?

Megin & KATIE!!!!!! YAY!!! I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!

I actually moved you before, because I was so confident there was good news coming.

:j oy

Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the same clinic you guys were at...and ongoing snafus with them, they're telling me I have to pay for things up front and seek reimbursement through my insurance. Why do I feel like I'm getting the runaround?


I'm really sorry but I feel like I really can't do it for November. I'm completely consumed with fertility stuff and I really want to set it up so I can take a step back, and maintaining the thread does not help with that. If you can take it over, I'll PM you the first post so you won't have to redesign from scratch, you just copy and paste the code.
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Thanks for the congrats, Papa! Great to see you back. You MUST join us asap, okay?

In terms of our clinic and the runaround, that's totally strange. But, I do know that coverage around IUIs and injectables can be trickier -- somehow not as clear cut as IVF, strangely. I'm wondering if you might post in the MA tribe thread to find others who have gone there. Or in Infertility. Then you can see if you're getting the usual story/treatment or something else. If it's the latter, I'll personally go in and kick some @#%#$ for you...really! If you want to share more details via PM, definitely feel free -- I can name you some names that way as well.

Joy -- your timing sounds really good to me. I say trust your body over tiny pieces of paper and plastic (OPKs) for sure!

be well all,
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papa -- tried to pm you about BIVF, but you need to empty your mailbox in order for the message to go through!

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ho hum

Twiddling my thumbs and waiting to O...

A couple of questions for you do-it-yourselvers...

On what day of your cycle do you usually do the first u/s to check follicle size etc? Since my DP is a nurse practitioner, she could write me the order to go any time, but we arent sure on the timing. (her specialty is family medicine, not OB/GYN) and Im self pay, so Id rather not do an unnecessarily early or late one...

And secondly, hypothetically, if you had one IUI sample, and one ICI sample, for the same insemination, which sample would you inseminate with first, and how much time would you allow in between the two?

Just wanted to bounce some things around...

Pining and Planning,
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Papa and megin - thanks for the reassurance.

FF just showed that I ovulated the day I thought I did so the insem was within 24 hours. Ideally, it would have been <8 hours before, but who knows, maybe our swimmers are hearty (and if this cycle somehow miraculously works out we'll most likely have a girl). CD18 tomorrow. Deep breaths and patience will help get me through the rest of this tww.
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Papa - Since no one else has spoken up, I'll take over the thread for November with the caveat that I may only be checking in every other day or so, and that I better get some threadkeepers luck. Would you mind sending the code back to me so I can just copy and paste? Thanks so much for being such a wonderful threadkeeper in October!

Joyseattle - Glad to hear your timing was still w/in range! FX for a BFP from you in a couple weeks!!!! We'll be in The Wait together!

Miss Scarlet - I've got no experience/advice with the US timing, but w/ regard to which sample to use first, I'd say the ICI first and then the IUI (which needs to be timed closer to actual O -- in theory -- than the IUI... at least, as far as I know.) I'm thinking other folks will have better, more informed-by-experience advice!

AmandaHope - WELCOME!!!! Hope your stay is short!

AFM - I think my thermometer needs new batteries. I've been meaning to get a new one (that measures to 100th of degree) and I guess since I'm not temping for my entire cycle this time around, now's as good a time as any. Lol. I'm planning to stop temping for this cycle after this weekend.

Any of you use the CVS brand purple BBT therm? Do you like?

Since tonight is my last insem for November, I REALLY hope I O tomorrow as predicted. Feeling a little like kicking myself in the ass for not doing OPKs this month, but it has kept the stress down (not peeing on anything) and my CM and CP are definitely pointing to "fertile." So here's hoping my body does what it's supposed to and drops an egg.

Tonight, I will enter my 5th TWW (4th w/ proper timing). It will be my 8th LP since I started charting/trying. SO READY for this to be my time! I know it's not long compared to others on this board... but I'm just starting to feel like it's been an eternity. Trying to remind myself it's all relative, and it will happen, one of these months. FX.
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Finally, some good news....

I met with the doc at my not-so-local fertility clinic (two hour drive, each way) and things look good! My gender is a total non-issue.

My insurance is a debacle, though. Is anyone going to a clinic paying out of pocket because the clinic is pretty sure the claims will be denied? My clinic is saying my claims are likely to be denied, and my insurance company is being less than helpful, though I have full infertility coverage, there is a gender thing going on.

So, I had to pay $350 today and I'm waiting for reimbursement which might take as long as January to get. Any one else faced with something similar? It's very frustrating.

If I'm not pregnant this month, I'll start Gonal-F injectible next CD 3.

Speaking of this month, it's only 5 DPIUI and I don't know what to think yet, but I have no symptoms except some post-IUI spotting and some cramping in the two days following the IUI.

Thanks to Lyndzies for taking over the thread! I'll do it again soon...but I hope I'll get to do the Queer & Pregnant thread instead!
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I don't know if it is too late to join Please add me.
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Originally Posted by painefaria View Post
I don't know if it is too late to join Please add me.
Welcome! Come join us over in the November thread, and let me know where you belong on the list.
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