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Rocklin, CA

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I've been trying to find like-minded mammas in Rocklin since the birth of my son almost 5 years ago. I've been attending a great playgroup in the Sacramento area and have met some wonderful women. However... I'm getting a bit tired of all the driving. I've pretty much given up on finding moms in my area... but thought I'd try this post.

My son is in a Waldorf preschool 3 days a week in Loomis. My 2.5 year old home-birthed daughter and I would love to find some like-minded moms to hang with at the park. She is breastfeeding and we are attachment parents.

Let me know if you live in the area and would like to hang. We'd love some company at the mostly empty parks.

Hoping to find a friend in town... (fingers crossed),
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moved to CA tribe.
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Hi, I'm an AP mom in Lincoln with a BFing 14 month old who attends a Waldorf nursery I am a working mom so I'm not really available for weekday play dates sadly. I am curious about the Waldorf Preschool in Loomis, I haven't heard of it and I hope in the next few years to be able to quit working and move to the foothills so I'd love to know of a preschool there. My email is ashleyhuney@gmail.com, thanks!
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i'm also in lincoln- with a 15 mo old and 3 1/2 year old- would love to hear about your preschool as well. Also, I had heard about (not gone personally) Me gusta baby in Auburn having free playgroups on thursdays and fridays- might be something to check out-
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a little further but nice group that meets in various areas, ROMP
ROMP_families@yahoo.com (yahoo group email)
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Sorry to say the ROMP group hasn't gotten together for a while. Quite a few of the members have moved, and the group gatherings haven't been happening.
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Attachment Parenting

My name is Deanna and I am a leader for Attachment Parenting Intl (www.attachmentparenting.org) and we are starting our meetings up again. I would love to chat and have a really strong group as I know there are so many AP families out there. Please email or call me for details or questions.

Also, we are so lucky that co-founder of API, Lysa Parker is coming to Sac. on 2/13 to do a book signing of her book, Attached At The Heart. Please contact me for more info and SPREAD THE WORD!

Thanks, Deanna Spangler
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Hi Bridgette, 


I found this old post, and I was wondering how you're liking it in the Rocklin area? I'm from CA originally, but we've been living in MA for the last five years, and now we're looking to move back to CA. I haven't lived in that area in 20 years, though, so I'm wondering if there are like-minded mamas there. How's it going for you?


=) Tricia

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