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Ally, that's funny - Sasha wants to be a vampire bat, too! We have a bat costume from last year. I'm guessing he won't want to wear the fake teeth, so I'm not sure how else I'm going to swing "vampire" but we'll think of something.

I love homemade costumes, but I rarely get it together early enough to sew anything. Usually it's the day of, and I'm frantically stapling garbage bags and paper together, lol. Hopefully this week we'll get around to putting Dd's dinosaur costume together!

We will miss you guys very much, gr8fulmum!!
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I haven't made a costume yet because we have so many costumes in our play box (thanks Erica!) I think making costumes is really sweet though.
I especially like inventive ones...ones that have meaning etc.
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Hallowe'en, UGGGH!!! Can we just not go there?

I really dislike it, always have, don't know why. I think this year we are planning to go in costume to the SFU Spooky Experiment Day and that's it.

My kids know this about me, and since they aren't into candy anyways, I say why stress out? I happily acknowledge and celebrate all of the other holidays and such-like, just not this one. Oh well! I can always put extra $$$ into their therapy fund to cover the damage I'm no doubt inflicting upon them!

We have no heat and I'm I had to go outside and rake leaves a few times today just to get my upper body moving and generate some warmth. I hope it doesn't last long. I just like to be comfortable, we actually don't heat the house that high at all. But wearing my winter gear all day is a little much! There! I'll blame my Hallowe'en crankiness on feeling cold.

Smooth travels, gr8ful!

So excited still, tiffani!!!
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I read somewhere about a great and easy kids costume. Wear a dark shirt and pants - then wrap some tule around the body in a spiral. Add some small toys inside the tule folds, playmobile works great. You have a tornado!
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Erin, I like Halloween, but it suits my particular spiritual leanings .
I went to the spiral dance last evening after 12 years off (ack! that makes me feel old), and it was wonderful.

I do understand, until I decided to celebrate Halloween as a spiritual holiday, I really disliked it too. I still don't do a costume for myself.
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widemouthed, I thank you for that comment about spirituality connecting for you with Hallowe'en, and really it's the chainsaw-blood-gore-eyeball soup-hack'n'slash commercialized side I dislike. I just haven't figured out a way to incorporate the more Pagan side into it for us...ideas?

Is it the Pagan aspect you speak of? I might have mis-interpreted...

So we carve pumpkins, visit farms at harvest time and really love that, pick apples for delicious recipes, make and use candles, for the lengthening nights....what else could I do?

On a separate topic, if you have a collector-displayer child, would you put an Ikea Expedit shelf in their room? They seem huge to me, but would contain ALOT of clutter I like the big 5x5 types...do you know what I mean? I can link but it will have to be later. They seem a little weird, because of the back-less look, so you'd see the wall in behind? Good idea? Better idea? Trying to contain the myriad pottery pieces, seashells, rocks, K'nex displays etc.
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I think the Expedit bookshelf would work well for that, but I would recommend using baskets because my experience with backless bookshelves and kids is that stuff is always falling behind the bookshelf and it's not easy to retrieve that way! :-)
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Originally Posted by Autumn Mama View Post
widemouthed, I thank you for that comment about spirituality connecting for you with Hallowe'en, and really it's the chainsaw-blood-gore-eyeball soup-hack'n'slash commercialized side I dislike. I just haven't figured out a way to incorporate the more Pagan side into it for us...ideas?

Is it the Pagan aspect you speak of? I might have mis-interpreted...
Of course. My link above is what I went to last evening.

Friends of mine get together and have singing and a bonfire and a visit from the Old Lady of the Woods. It's lovely, but dd does want to go trick-or-treating because we know so many people in our neighbourhood (and also for the candy, which mostly vanishes mysteriously, leaving 1 piece per day for a week after Halloween). We also have a GREAT Halloween house down the block.

My tradition on Winter Solstice is to get up before dawn (easy at that time of the year) and light candles in the living room and watch the sun come up. I'm trying to figure out some sort of kid-friendly fall ritual honoring those who have passed on. It needs to be simple but meaningful.

I'm leaning towards what we did last year, which was make a fall meal and place some out for those who have passed on. Then I would like to say something about those we remember and each think about something spiritual that we'd like to work on in the next year. Yeah, I know she's only 4.
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Ooooooh, Samhain, I LOVE this time of year!!!!!! We have various nature tables and fireplace mantles around the house, and I always put up photos of loved ones who have passed at this time of year, which inspires lots of stories and memories over the weeks. We usually have a picnic one sunny day around this time in a graveyard - we play, clean up the area, leave flowers, do gravestone rubbings and talk about people who have passed on. We also like to have a special meal with foods that our loved ones used to have - like tea prepared in a British manner, cheddar cheese and jam sandwhiches, salted nuts and Coors Lite!!!!!! Lots of crafts with leaves, of course, and this year we traced out our bodies and decorated them with costumes. Another craft I really want to do is the idea of painting the base of a tree trunk, with mainly the dirt and roots going underneath. Tiegan is really into bugs, so I thought we could include a bunch of soil critters in the artwork, but the main idea is to do a family tree but using the roots - ie two roots for the parents, then more for the next generation back, more, more, etc - and then as you put the names down, you can share memories and facts! Traditionally people used to carve turnips rather than pumpkins, and more as a way to guide their loved ones home on a night when it was easiest to convene with past ancestors - so the designs were more spiral-like. ANYWAYS, those are some of the things we do......and then we usually go to a Halloween party of sorts, and trick-or-treat at a few houses because my kids love it (and of course, utilize that handy pumpkin faerie to get rid of most of the junk!!!!) Hope you can enjoy some of the weekend, Erin!!!!!!!

I have to say, we really lucked into a great neighbourhood here - already been to a few dinner parties, have invitations to a Halloween party and there's a local pantomine full of kids coming up! So fun:-) It'll be kind of hard to leave in the summer, when it's time to move onto our property! But hopefully the excitement of finally settling onto our own land will ease the pain!!!!!!!!

Missing you all, though, and hope you all have a fabulous Halloween/Samhain! Happy travels, Jen and family!
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Autumn Mama, you just made my day bringing up IKEA . My only big box love . Expedit can work really well for collectors.

One of my fave blogs is written by a Swedish woman whose hobby is organizing and display. Her 14 yo son is a collector and she uses EXPEDIT and DIY solutions to display and store his stuff. Here are some posts and photos:




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beaner&tiegs, thanks for sharing your traditions -- you have a gift for stuff like that .

So today Wolfgang was diagnosed with visual tracking and focusing problems, with recommendations for lots more testing. The developmental optometrist said that the ADHD may have been misdiagnosed -- visual problems can create similar symptoms. Sigh. I see a lot of really expensive and time-consuming therapy in our future.
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OK, anyone care to share their favourite graveyard?
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Can anyone tell me where I might find a brush with wooden bristles? I have one and I can't for the life of me remember where I got it . Choices, maybe?
Dd & I have both been using it, but it gets annoying when she takes it for a sleepover...and then forgets to bring it home . Anyway, I am going away on Sunday & would like to get my own to take with me.
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I lost my post about this in the morning, so I'll try again!

beaner&tiegs, I agree with Ksenia...you DO have a gift for creating meaningful ritual within your family! That was an inspiring post about celebrating Samhain (pronounced SOW-in, right?) I should have known it would resonate with me, with my Irish/Scottish heritage and living on a farm and all.

I especially loved the graveyard visit pic-nic idea. I could just see my boys and I set up on a blanket somewhere between my brother's and Dad's graves eating some of their favourite foods and inviting them to join us! I actually teared up when I first read it. By the way, Valley View in Delta is a lovely graveyard, Ksenia, lots of gardens, big, open space and fountains and such-like. But the weather looks bad for Saturday and so we'll create something more homey. My older Ds wants to have a "no lights night" soon, to commemorate the April power outage we had here that ended up being so much fun with Snap Circuit electricity set lamps being created, candles burned and much game playing on the rug. So, we'll turn off the lights, light some home-made beeswax candles, invite Uncle Cam and Grampa over for a dinner of our farm harvested food (even our own chicken this year!) and talk about the previous year a little and what we hope for the next. I think it sounds grand and more meaningful than a bag full of sugar dumped on the floor after knocking on strangers' doors all night. (Yes, still cranky ) But maybe we'll do abit of that. In previous years we did what you do, widemouthedfrog, in that we kept a piece of candy a day for seven days and threw out the rest. Or one year we traded up for Playmobil. But I don't need more STUFF at the moment as the "story of stuff" goes I already have wayyyy toooo much, lol!

It sounds like things are really coming together for you, Erica, it's awesome to have found a great community. You're very fortunate...we're still struggling with that out here. It's just well, a very unusual HL community, with a different culture/climate and not-so-welcoming. A big drag. We're tempted to move rurally to the Island, but that would be such a head-ache after all of the work we've done here that I'll just bury my head back in the sand after bringing that up, lol!!!
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Thanks for those links, Ksenia, they were amazing! I don't think I'd be so organized though. I just can't imagine dusting all of that stuff, lol! But the Expedit series could work for my ideas, except for what piglet68 mentioned about stuff falling in behind it...I could totally see that happening! Matthew really likes to display stuff, and then change it up, and add more, and change it up some more. But mostly, he just needs some shelf space for things and to be able to separate themes he works on. Shells, rocks, pinecones K'Nex creations etc, nothing too collector-ish or elaborate. Just 8 year old style fun, YK? They come up on C-list, so I'm keeping my eye out for a birch one...
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Helen, I've seen those brushes, and ones made with Boar(sp?) bristles at Planet Organic. I can't remember the brand name, but they were made in Germany. I have a couple of brushes made by "Ambassador" (German) that have Boar and stainless steel pins. The steel ones are really good for thick hair.

The graveyard visit thing sounds really spooky! I don't think I could do something like that though. My cultural/family(?) background has certain taboos about visiting graveyards. The main idea is that you don't want to go too often as each time you go, you entice the spirits to come away with you. When my grandmother passed away 3 years ago, after her funeral, we had special rituals everyone had to do to make sure that her spirit didn't follow us home and take residence. I mean my grandmother was a kind woman but in Chinese culture, ancestors can be really mischevious.
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Adios Jen, veale pronto!!

yes I'm still a lurker!
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Awww, thanks guys! It's definitely a passion of mine, and I love keeping my eyes open for other peoples' ideas and logging them away in my brain for the day I have energy to do it! I also wanted to mention looking up a bunch of "Day of the Dead" celebrations in Mexico, that might give you other ideas. And it definitely doesn't have to take place in a graveyard, we have meals at home and just talk about our ancestors - remembering memories and keeping their spirits alive with our kids. Your evening sounds lovely, Erin!

I also wonder, Erin, if you're having a hard time finding community right now because you've needed to stay more insular right now. You've had such a difficult past year or two, fair enough that your family hermits away to heal and deal with all of the changes. I'm noticing that as awesome as it is to have all this community, it sure does take a lot of energy and many nights there's a bit of innertia to actually getting out the door. I don't wanna make new friends, I want all my old friends who I was totally comfortable with and could just BE with! But then I go, and have a good time, and am glad I went. BUT when you're ready, I imagine you'll be able to make it happen. Worse comes to worse, invite a few families over for potlucks occasionally. One set of our neighbours had a regular day of the dead potluck where we each brought photos of loved ones to place on an 'alter' and then shared favoured meals and stories - that was a neat way to get to know people. Or a harvest potluck, or a 'I'm so sick of the rain' potluck, whatever! I hope that you find the community you need right now xo

Kea's starting to get sick today. I knew it was coming, and I assume it'll be a hard year for us as we weren't sick at all last year and we're in the land of all new germs (not to mention all the hysteria around swine flu) but it always sucks to be dealing with sick kidlets!!!!!!! Oh well, forced quiet day is always kind of nice!
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oh Erin, lots of great HLearners over here in the Comox Valley. And amazing, beautiful land/farms!! Come over here
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Originally Posted by Pealette View Post
oh Erin, lots of great HLearners over here in the Comox Valley. And amazing, beautiful land/farms!! Come over here
Hey, no poaching
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