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Gbs negative!

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I tested positive for GBS around 15 weeks and was really struggling over whether to refuse the antibiotics during labor or not, but now I don't have to worry because at 35 weeks I'm negative!

I did lots of probiotics and ate more garlic...and apparently something worked.

I'm SO happy I can have a water birth without any damn IV's or hep loc's.
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that's awesome!!!
I haven't gotten my results yet, and I'm really hoping I'm negative. Send those GBS- vibes my way!
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That's great. I just found out today that I am negative as well.

I heard the stupidest thing the other day. I have a friend who is pg with her second. She tested + with her first. This time she tested - but since she was positive with her first they are still making her get the abx! What is up with that??!!? I mean, why even test her? And also, she is - why does she need the abx?? She doesn't seem fazed by it, but if I were in her shoes I would be livid!
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Congrats!! I'm GBS neg too!!!

That's one thing I don't have to worry about! Woo hoo!!!
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Congrats! I;m doing my test Tuesday, it better come up negative!
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That's great!

I finally have my GBS test today, in a few hours. Not looking forward to it but I hope it's negative.
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i had mine done yesterday. well, actually, i did it myself! how cool is that! i love having midwives. it's such a totally different experience than my first pregnancy when i had an OB. great guy and all, but this is so much better.

i was positive for my first and REALLY hoping i'm negative this time.
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So glad that many of you are testing negative. I declined the testing with both pregnancies- discussed it with my midwives and we decided we'd do antibiotics based on risk factors like pre-term labor, water breaking for more than 12 hours, etc. We all felt comfortable with this, especially with the HIGH rate of false testing results.

Actually with DD she ended up giving me a shot of antibiotics b/c my water had been broken for 13 hours . . . and 20 minutes later DD was born

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Wow, I did mine myself too. My midwife explained how to do it. I was so confused even though it seemed like it should be simple, but I didn't do it myself last time! It was nothing. Now I just hope I did it right. LOL
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