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Hobbit, I don't think there are any actual peds that aren't associated with either the hospital or TVC (billing is all done through FMH and it sucks).

Thanks - I am going to check with Dr. Hogansen and see if she can recommend a GP or someone...their billing system has sent us to collections twice now: once for a bill already paid 3 months ago (and on time), and once for not billing medicaid for my disabled daughter. We see Dr. Medford and she has been great, but the inadequacy of the billing department is slowly chipping away at our credit score.
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So ladies what kidna of 'afterschool' ish things are there in town for a 6 year old girl? (in fairbanks)

I've come up with: you got any ideas to add to the list?

karate / other such thing
4H maybe?
girl scouts
music lessons of some sort
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