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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Wow! You really are doing things at gazelle intensity!

We had a bad month. I had another missed miscarriage which means more medical bills. And then our sewer backed up into the basement. I freaked out. But, we had $500 in the emergency fund. Which means we had the $100 to pay the plumber. So... it really wasn't a crisis, it just felt like one. We should be getting a big tax refund, and we're going to use it to pay off the medical bills and get the plumbing work done so we don't have to deal with this agaon.
So sorry for your loss.
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Thanks all. The hardest part is that I feel very resentful that I have to consider money at a time like this. It seems indecent somehow.
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Greenmom4 - that's amazing, I'm so impressed! Great job on your first month!

annettemarie - I'm so sorry for your loss.

Hedgehog_Mtn - I also underbudget my income. It's always a great relief when I get more than expected to either put towards debt or pay an unexptected bill! Great job on your first month!

We have had a pretty good month. We ate out more than I would have liked but we also cut our VISA in half this month with the hopes of paying it off in full next month!
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annettemarie, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Annettemarie, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Greenmom4- wow, I'm impressed!

Hedgehogmtn- I always underbudget certain categories. In my case, I underbudget 'baby' category, every single month.

roadworkahead- I hope ssi will stop giving the runaround for your DD.

p1gg1e- good luck househunting!

I'm def going to sell my wedding dress- will probably just use the local consignment place. I'm on a decluttering spree, so maybe i'll find something else to sell too. I've been saying yes to extra shifts at work, because we've had so many unexpected expenses lately (DS outgrew infant seat early, insurance didn't cover his repeat newborn hearing screen ).

Which brings me to my good news- I bit the bullet and paid off the remainder of DS's medical bill today! My checking acct is pretty bare at the moment, but at least now we're down to just the car loan and mortgage in the 'debt' category. Now, I may have a little extra $ each month to put toward the car loan. Yay!

ETA: Oh and I reaaaally need to drag my butt to the bank and get cash out for *all* my categories next month, not just groceries like i did this month. The bank is 7 minutes away, I really have no excuse for being so lazy about bopping over there.
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Which brings me to my good news- I bit the bullet and paid off the remainder of DS's medical bill today! My checking acct is pretty bare at the moment, but at least now we're down to just the car loan and mortgage in the 'debt' category. Now, I may have a little extra $ each month to put toward the car loan. Yay!
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Dh and I have been toying with a new idea...

We live in a university town on a bus route. We could very easily rent-out our house. Both DH and I work out of town. If we were to rent in the town where DH works, we'd save close to $600/mo. The rent we'd charge here would cover the mortgage payment and property taxes for our house. Our rental payment would be similar to our mortgage payment (likely lower), BUT we'd have lower utilities (by up to $250/mo), we could get rid of a car and save $200 in gas, $50 in insurance and oil changes, and save $200 in property taxes each month.

Cons...we'd have to put down carpet on the stairs and hallway to rent it out (it's old vinyl right now and carpet would be a quick cheap fix that would make the world of a difference in the house's presentation....I just hate living with with, personally). Which would take $200-500 initially. We'd have to look into the legalities of renting it out, moving would mean giving up my garden (which rarely pays off, but I'm stubborn) and the plan to have a chicken coop.

If we did do this and things worked out as planned, we would end up with enough money to be out of BS2, then could fix up our house with the repairs we've been wanting to do in a year or two.
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Can I join? I've beem lurking and reading and I am ready!! We already have 1000 saved so I just cut up the CC's (2) and now we are on to Debt Snowball. I just wrote a check for 420 for a cc of 1300. I have another 1300, and one 2500 (UGH!!) then we have
MORTGAGE- 211,000

monthly income about 4000 but I often get extra work (I am mostly SAHM) so some months are better than others.

We have an income I never dreamed of- I grew up with a dad who made about 25000 and a SAHM and 5 siblings. So- I am appalled that we have consumer debt.

I feel like we live much more frugally than most others. Our big thing is our mortgage- we live in a high home cost area. Still- we could have done better! Our mort is 50% of our income. But my dh is a teacher- very stable job and I hae the ability to make much more in the years to come (after baby 3 grows up a bit)

My first task is to budget- I feellike I never put enough out because I'm never sure how much we have so I get worried and use a cc. NO EXCUSE for that1
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Last night was the marketing class. In the small group session, I got to talk about the insidious marketing methods of the formula industry. I couldn't help myself. One of the ladies said something like "It's amazing how they've convinced everyone we need to buy something that we make for free." People seemed a little shocked.

I signed over my $25 blog ad check today. Granted, it took me 5 months to earn that $25. I'm not really a high roller.

I don't feel like we're at gazelle intensity. We're more like... turtles with intent. I can't take a second job because of DH's schedule. I would actually love to get a part-time seasonal job at Target or Borders or someplace like that, but my husband is a pastor, has meetings 5 nights a week, and we don't have family/free babysitting available. Even my very part time job as children's choir director at church ($30 a week) is tough to juggle. I've thought I should write some more-- I have several ideas simmering-- but again, with 4 kids running around all the time, it seems like I don't have the space to do that. I've been selling stuff here and there (mostly books and homeschool materials) and that helps. I've thought about going to ebay, but I'm really afraid I'll end up losing money with fees and stuff.

I'm babbling tonight.

Oh, and I have a victory! DH and I fight all the time about money. I mean, it's our number 1 marriage stresser, and we just seem incapable of talking about it without it ending in a hue screaming match. So, remember I didn't want to give up my Paypal? I used that to buy clothes for the kids, homeschool stuff, extras. Well, I did transfer most of it over but the budget didn't get changed. I used to get $200 every two weeks for food, another $25 for household expenses (everything from pull ups to vitamins to shampoo to toilet paper) and then another $40 for "blow" before we knew what blow was. Now I'm getting $200 every two weeks for food and $60 for blow, but nothing for homeschool expenses (silly things, like art supplies, co-op fees, $2 a week for Katie Grace's Mandarin Chinese class, I wanted to get nuts to sort and crack, stuff like that) and the household stuff hasn't been getting put in an envelope. So my "blow money" is going towards that stuff. And I was feeling really resentful and a little skeeved out, like I was being controlled/manipulated with money. I talked to him, and it turns out the money was budgeted, it just wasn't getting put in an envelope for some reason. And we didn't fight! I was able to say how I felt and he apologized and said it wasn't his intention. Anyway, it was a small victory, but felt good.

OK, have to clean my living room.
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AM - have you looked into selling on Amazon instead? A friend of mine sold a bunch of stuff on Amazon instead of eBay before she moved x-country and she said Amazon had good responses and the fees were reasonable. Just a thought.

I need to come up with a new budget now that our old budget is obsolete. Maybe I'll make that be my project for tomorrow. Problem is, I don't know what all of our expenses are yet and I don't really have a good way of guesstimating clothing expenses and all that. Maybe I'll do a budget framework tomorrow.

Anyone know how to pay student loans directly from a foreign bank account? Guess I will have to call the student loan people tomorrow.
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I'll look into it. I thought I'd tried Amazon, but maybe not.
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BTW- AnnetteMarie- One of my M/C was a missed. it was so much worse than the 2 I experienced normally. There is something so awful about finding out through U/s when you thought all was going well.

Glad to hear things are going well with your dh!
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M_M11, yay on the decluttering spree and the extra shifts at work! on paying off the medical bill. Look out car loan, you're next up! Kick me in the pants about the cash thing too, we only do groceries and blow/eating out in cash. I'd like to do more but am nervous.

eirual, my only worry with your plan is that if your tenants leave you high and dry you'd have double payments.

welcome Deir, glad to see you delurk! I'll put you down in bs2. Looks like you should have a couple of quick successes with your small cc pyaments. We're in a high cost of living area too, it definitely has its drawbacks. Re your budget, for the first few months make it flexible, build in a bit of wiggle room so you don't need your ccs then once you have your numbers down pat you can tighten it up.

lalaland42, I think you're going to have to wing your budget for a few months til you can figure out how much things cost. Any expats who could give you some idea?

AnnetteMarie, turtles with intent. I love it We definitely did not get as gazelle as we could have, I took a small part-time job and we kept a small blow/eating out fund in bs2 etc. To me its not necessarily about the speed (although I get why DR pushes it, quick wins are a great motivation). Great job on talking with dh.

Some encouragement that this plan actually works. We're almost done bs3 and have been putting some money aside for some much needed repairs/upgrades around our place. Our hot water tank is dying and to buy the new one dh has been coveting is almost the exact amount we have in that fund. A year ago we would have whipped out a cc to pay that bill, no questions asked. This year he called a bunch of plumbers, had quotes done and is getting a cash discount. Yay dh.
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I have seriously killed my budget this month I have areas that can be cut b/c they didn't get used, but still frustrates me. We're under 1k in debt now, nearly at the finish line (for BS2) and I need to remember that!
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Wow, you are really, really close to the finish line! Imagine me sitting here, shaking my pom poms. Go you!!!

It is good to hear that the plan works. A funny from class- the leader asked us to name the baby steps. Everyone could name the first three, no problem. Four and five were a little less enthusiastically shouted out, but we got it. The last two? Total blank stare. Finally someone said, "But we don't ever expect to actually get to steps six and seven!"
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I'm super excited because this month my DH and I were able to cash-flow a gift to a friend who had a M/C and fly her Mom out to be here with her. Her Mom (who told me she was in debt herself) looked at me and asked, worriedly, if it was going to be a strain. And I could say with an honest face, etc. - nope, we have no debt, we have an EF and we live in our budget - this $$ is my monthly "give" money and I'm happy to give it to you.

Oh the awesomeness.
Can you tell my love language is giving gifts?

ps. anettemarie - I'm so sorry for your loss ((((hugs)))))
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Thank you. I really do appreciate all the hugs and thoughts. It's meant a lot.

And what a blessing you were to your friend! See, that's my goal-- not to be rich, but to be able to do good and be a blessing to others. That's what I want out of all this.
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AnnetteMarie - I love your story about the class! I don't ever expect to get to steps 6 & 7 either!

And, btw, I'm a little less intimidated of you after getting to know you through this thread. I'm always worried when I see a mod posting. Sorry to admit. (sheepish grin)

I made a DUMB purchase this month. I bought a bunch of glowsticks online, but then when I got them, they're tiny - not the size I was expecting at all! Lame. And expensive. I really don't like them, but I don't have a choice, I have to use them! No refunds/exchanges unless they're damaged or there's a shortage.
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Trust me, I am unintimidating. The only made me a mod to make me behave.

And oh, I hate when I make purchases like that! For me, it's usually an ebay incident.
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