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eye drops!!?

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I know I probably sound super paranoid, but I just moved to Colorado a couple months ago from Florida and im still not used to the dry air. My eyes have been red and dry a lot lately and without thinking i put in a few drops of the generic eye drops we had in the medicine cabinet. Then i had an oh no! moment and decided to google whether they were safe in pregnancy or not. They are listed as a class C category medicine which means there isn't sufficient information on them to say whether its safe or not but they are not suggested to take in pregnancy. I'm 35 weeks along and kind of nervous about this. Its too late to call my doctor but I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about taking eye drops while pregnant. I know the saline ones are okay but this kind has tetrahydrozoline.
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I did the same thing (also in Colorado). My mw said that it wasn't something that concerned her at all since I only used them once. It can get very dry here. Although I've found the cracking knuckles to be the worst once winter comes

On a side note, I'm only 21w and am curious to find other people in the area for reccommendations and what not. Do you know if there's somewhere on MDC where we can network like that? Do you happen to know a good chiropractor in the Denver area?
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well thats a relief Thank you!

And if you click on community on upper right hand corner when you go to mothering.com the first section of threads which i believe says (welcome to motheringdotcommunity) there is one that says finding your tribe, you can then click on your area and bang! you got a whole list of mamas in your area. Unfortunately I do not know of a good chiropractor yet, and could really use one! So I would definitely ask some other locals. Also, Colorado has an Attatchment Parenting group if thats something you would be interested in. Just go to denverap.com and sign up. Those ladies realllllllllllly know their stuff and are also very helpful. Good luck with your pregnancy Have a wonderful day
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Thank you, thank you!!
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I wouldn't worry too much. I wear contacts, and have eye drops in case my eyeballs get too dry for the contacts. It can get really dry where I am too, and it's so uncomfortable with contacts. My eye doctor said there wasn't a whole lot of information on the eye drops I use, but she said she used hers with all 3 of her pregnancies with no problems.

Which I realize is anecdotal evidence. But, I still use mine sometimes as well - especially when I travel in planes. I really don't think it's anything to worry about.
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