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Little Fishy

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I just want to give a thumbs up for Kira at Little Fishy I ordered a new wool jersey cover from her and it came lightning fast! It looks very well made and I can't wait to put it on my daughter. She also sent a sample of W.O.W soap for the cover and a cute sticker that says "Changing the world one cloth diaper at a time!" I am definately going to buy from her again!
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another VERY happy customer

I b
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I love Little Fishy! Kira is the best and her product is truly wonderful. She worked with me to create a Cuddlewool that would work for my heavy wetter and she even tie-dyed it specially for me! I have a fleece cover and a jersey wool cover from her and they are both completely delightful and effective to boot. The workwomanship on these is great and her customer service is probably one of the best out there.

I love seeing my baby girl looking adorable in one of her Little Fishy covers. When I have fluff money in the future I will definitely buy from her again.
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I ordered a Cuddlewool and a Cuddlebun from Little Fishy and I am very impressed with both the products and Kira's customer service. She was in contact with me and let me know when my order shipped. The cover and diaper arrived quickly are both beautifully made and work wonderfully. Thanks, Kira.
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Kira gets a thumbs up from me! I have 9 Cuddlebuns and 2 Little Fishy diapers from Kira and I will be ordering more. They are extremely well made and fit my children so well. Kira's customer service is top notch and she is so sweet even though I bug her with weekly emails! :LOL She is an awesome WAHM!
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Kira's new Little Fishy dipes are great. Well constructed and size 2 will last forever. My 5months old and my three year old can both wear it nicely. She is very patient with questions and easy to work with.
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Kira made me the most beautiful Cuddlebun diaper! These diapers are one size, which is great, and the detail in this diaper is phenomenal. If you are looking for a good site to buy the Cuddle diapers, this is it.
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I have 1 Cuddlebuns and 2 Little Fishy diapers from Kira and they all rock!!! Her work'mom'ship is amazing. The diapers fit my son so well. Her soaker design is awesome - quick dry and trim yet really absorbant. I can't wait to get some more...
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Maya loves her "bockabee" (broccoli) Little-Fishy diaper, and I do, too. The fit is simply divine, and extremely trim. Maya fits in this diaper on the tightest settings and there's so sag or bulk from the extra room. Seriously magical sizing!

A quick dry diaper that really is quick dry, the materials and sewing are of the highest quality.

we want more.
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I got a great wool cover from this site. Very fast shipping, great customer service! Thumbs up from me!
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Another rave for Kira at Little Fishy!

The fit of Little Fishy fitted diapers is just amazing. It is one of the few brands of diapers that fit my long-waisted, small-thighed, big booty girl--yet they still seem to fit babies of other shapes and sizes, too! The diapers provide full coverage, yet are still amazingly trim, and I love the quick-dry soaker design. The sewing is excellent, and Kira always uses high quality, adorable fabrics.

And Kira's customer service is great! I've ordered from her several times, including customs, and she answers emails promptly and keeps me updated during every step of my order. She has gone out of her way to custom order fabric and find just the right print that I'm looking for. She is one of the sweetest WAHM's I've worked with, and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!
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