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Question about 29 month old with "ouchy" penis

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My 29 month old intact son has been telling me that his penis is "ouchy" a lot lately. I notice that he has been pulling on the foreskin a lot more but the foreskin doesn't appear overly red, swollen or pussy. Just now he woke up from a nap crying and telling me that something hurt. I started at the top of his head and asked him if this hurt or that. I undid his diaper and he had an erection. He told me that it hurt. Once the erection went away he is fine and coloring now.

Is this something to worry about or is this normal??

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There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything is exactly as it should be. What is happening is that the normal and natural adhesions between his foreskin and glans are breaking down and it is not an even process. There are areas that are loose and there are areas that are still firmly adhered. When your son has an erection, it puts tension on these still connected areas and pulls at them. It's all a part of the natural process of separation. His "ouchy" probably feels like a stinging sensation but as you have probably seen, is not severe and it will go away in a day or two as the tension of the adhered spots release. You can expect that there may be another episode or two of this before the process is complete. It may even be accompanied by a bout of redness and swelling that will last about one day. Again, all of this is absolutely normal and a necessary part of the process and your son is in no significant pain.

He should be retractable shortly. Don't prevent him from pushing and pulling at it unless he is in public as it is Mother Nature's instructions to him to help the process along. Your son and Mother Nature know what they are doing.

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Thanks Frank. This is what I assumed but I just needed to hear it to confirm my thoughts. My son is the only intact male I know so I'm alittle new to this whole foreskin thing.

I hope it passes soon because it does seem to bother him. My poor little man.

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frank, you do for intact penises what smilemomma does for teeth and bfing mamas. you have such great info, thanks!

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Thanks, Suse. I appreciate the kudos and I am glad to be able to help. I think it is very important to be able to offer this information because there are many boys who have been circumcised for this very normal and natural process.

I don't know Smilemomma or what she does but I must assume you hold her in very high regard. I am honored to be grouped in with her. I also want to thank you for saying that. It got the wheels in my head spinning to realize that teething pain is normal and natural and expected and these slight bouts of pain, swelling and redness of the foreskin during separation is the exact same kind of thing. No one would ever consider surgically removing the teeth to avoid the pain but the foreskin has been fair game for exactly the same thing. You'll be seeing me using that comparison in the future. Thanks!

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You can always put a little diaper rash lotion on the penis, it will soothe. It seemed to help with my oldest.


I second Franks valuable advice on this board. I rarely post, but I read it daily. Thank you so much for being out there everyone, I know we're making a difference, even though it seems like an uphill battle at times

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Hi there. I just wanted to chime intoo. My ds is 27 months and he is going through the same thing. His foreskin is still completely attatched and the opening is still small, but when he gets an erection it "hurts" once it goes down, he is fine. (usually after naps) Just wanted to let you know your little guy is not alone in his experience.

Take care,
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