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I don't get it...belly rubbing....

Poll Results: Belly rubbing for me when I am pregnant...well...

Poll expired: Nov 2, 2009  
  • 32% (50)
    I HATE it - you will die if you touch my belly! Grrrr!
  • 19% (30)
    I LOVE it! - So wonderful! Rub away! Oh - can you feel this wonderful life inside of me?! :D
  • 35% (55)
    Neither hate or love it. Really depends on my hormones at the time!
  • 11% (18)
    other - just to be difficult :p
153 Total Votes  
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Why do so many woman claim to 'hate' this. So much so that the next person to touch their belly is gonna die! ...??? lmao

I never had this with my DS. I felt I was missing out on something. Was there something wrong with me? Not even the random stranger!?!...lol

I got my first belly rub yesterday though from a close friend. It was brief and unasked for - but I loved it. I made me feel so special and loved and the little life inside of me loved too! I can not help but think 'what an intimate and wonderful thing to share!'

Yeah - I can undrestand complete strangers rubbing your belly is just a bit freaky...but heck, if they rub anything on you (any type of body contact) it can be rather freaky!...So I am not refering to random complete strangers in my poll....

But I cant be the only one who loves this? lol
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I don't mind at all, and I like feeling other friends' baby's too. It doesn't bother me at all.

I had a stranger sort of befriend me off of Freecycle. Our husbands were both in the military. She came to get something free from my house and saw I was pregnant and was so weird. We talked for like 10 minutes and then she turned to leave, and then turned back around and asked if she could give me a hug. I said yes, and after she hugged me, she said "I just love hugging pregnant women".

It was WEIRD to say the least.
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I guess it depends. I do not care for strangers touching me, but friends or family... whatever.
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I like it.
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I think a lot of it depends on the individual - my sister, for example, does not like people touching her, whereas I generally do like it.

And then the cultural context - some cultures touch a lot, others very little. And that can vary within countries, so Americans from one part of the country may find the norms for touching are different elsewhere, or within a different ethnic group.

I think usually it is best to remember that whatever group you belong to that others are not trying to be offensive or weird, they likely just have a different background or inclinations. And of course people from really different cultural backgrounds who are visitors may not easily pick up on our social signals about our preferences.
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First off, I developed a huge need for personal space when I got pregnant (even before I was showing) I did theatre so my personal space bubble is usually smaller than "normal" but about 3 months in I hated having people close to me.

Second, when I got bigger it happened really fast. My tummy was SO SENSITIVE that the skin would hurt if anything touched it. I had to be careful about what kind of material my clothes were made out of because of this. So, people rubbing it was like torture.
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The only people I like touching me is my dh and my children. Anyone else needs to respect my personal space and back off. So yeah, I hate it from strangers and family (outside of my own little one) alike. Touch me and die, LOL.
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I've had 2 PGs and only 2 people besides me and DH have ever rubbed my belly. MIL when we first announced the first PG, with tears of happiness in her eyes, and my sister when I was PG with my first. My sister asked if it was OK first. I don't think anyone else has ever even tried to rub my belly. I know when DD1 would kick, people could see my belly move from across the room (she was a really strong kicker!), and my SIL who had not yet been PG asked if she could put a hand there to try to feel a kick. No problem.

But strangers? Wanting to TOUCH me? Anywhere? Not OK in my book.
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throughout my pregnancies with five children i cannot recall ever being touched by a stranger. even people close to me haven't done a lot of touching. maybe i look mean?
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"claim" to hate it? it really would depend. the circumstances you describe sound lovely anne, and i would love that.

i voted depends, and not just to be difficult - it's complicated!

however, i do not enjoy having my personal space invaded, and i would only feel comfortable if it was someone i know and love, AND who asked first.

kids are an exception, whether they know me or not.

also, at this stage when i barely feel pregnant in an outward way, it would be very awkward. later, when there's baby there to share, it will feel different i think.
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I very very rarely have other people touch my belly. I was at the doc's the other day for something unrelated, and was a little surprised when she gave my belly a quick rub and asked about the baby, right after she finished with my exam. It just doesn't happen much. It is a little striking, as we grow up not being touched like that by just anyone.

My oldest child drive me a little crazy with the belly rubs, because it's not just that she'll touch my belly if we happen to be near, but I'll be walking from point A to point B, or trying to get dressed, or just otherwise doing something else, and she expected me to just stop everything I'm doing, so she can take her time and rub my belly, and talk to the baby. Can we limit this to when we're sitting on the couch together or something? Do I really have to stop going where I'm going and just stand here? So yes, I've taken to shooing her away sometimes. It's funny, her dad is the same way about hugs, and always has been. I'll be walking from one room to another, with things in my hand, and he'll get in my way and stop me, so we can have a leisurely hug, just standing there, holding each other. I like that and all, but seriously, I was on my way somewhere. I'm holding stuff. This isn't the moment to just sway and hug.
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I neither love it or hate it. A lot depends on the situation and who wants to do the rubbing. I'm generally a private person and I like my personal space but I also have a strong believe that a baby growing it such a special miracle and sharing that with others can lift their spirit tremendously.
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Don't Mind

I honestly haven't gotten a lot of belly rubs, and this is my fourth term pregnancy.

The rubs that I've gotten didn't bother me, but I also don't mine shoulder pats, arm taps, and other physical contact when talking to people (friends, family, acquaintances, people I just met on the bus).
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Neither hate or love it. Really depends on my hormones at the time!

i didn't mind my lo's touching my bump or my sister or friend but i always felt weired if anyone else did b who used to run the parent and baby/toddler groups plus one of the other mumns who i didn't really know that well would do it all the time and i didn't like it, it just didn't feel right.
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The only it's okay is when it's DH or my children. I have SPD, and being touched is really disconcerting/painful a lot of the time, plus I just don't like being touched all that much. So, it really upsets me. Although I did have one exception to that. When I was pregnant with my 2nd, I flew home to visit family by myself. There were a couple of women whom I think were Hindu (I don't know for sure) on the plane, and when we were disembarking one of them turned and lightly touched my belly and said "Bless your baby." For some reason, her sentiment and desire to give me something special really touched me. But, any other time, I despise it.
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I am fine with my Ds and my nephews touching my belly. I cannot stand it when my fiance, or any other family touching it but children are fine. I am very much into personal space as a PP said when I become pregnant (maybe it is my mama bear creeping in ) I will not even know I am pregnant yet and I have the strange do not come near me feeling! It someone just lays their hand on my belly for a few moments I am fine but a rub or laying their hand there for more than a few moments not happening! I actually feel bad because I know stbdh would LOVE to not feel bad touching my belly I let him as I know it makes him feel as though he is bonding but I cringe inside
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Originally Posted by Veronika01 View Post
The only people I like touching me is my dh and my children. Anyone else needs to respect my personal space and back off. So yeah, I hate it from strangers and family (outside of my own little one) alike. Touch me and die, LOL.

I don't mind if DH touches me... but no one else. My mother is already rubbing (I'm 9 wks- only chub so far) and it drives me nuts. I know friends and strangers doing it once I start to grow a real belly will irk me too
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I don't like to be touched by people I don't know. Or people who aren't in my immediate family. .

In this pregnancy so far, often I don't really want to be touched by my husband, so I think it boils down to just not wanting to be touched at all. It's probably because of the nausea. I don't like to be touched when I'm sick either.
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I really like when people touch or rub my belly. I'd probably get pretty mad if a stranger came up and did it, but friends and family are more than welcome and often encouraged to. I also really like it when people talk to my belly too.
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I just like my personal space, I don't want anyone other then my DH touching my stomach but to be honest I have always hated my stomach being touched- pregnant or not. . :P
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