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What are your favorite personal care products?

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I know there's been a thread like this before, but I've really been wanting to get all things Procter & Gamble or Colgate-Palmolive out of my bathroom once and for all! Problem is, I don't have any friends who can make suggestions and being that natural products tend to be kind of expensive, I don't want to do too much trial and error. What does everyone else use? I'd love to find some natural hair care products I like, too, but I have long, thick, wavy hair that needs pretty powerful stuff to keep it manageable. There are some products that I've tried and liked, but I need some input from those who are way crunchier than me!
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I have long, thick, semi-wavy hair... I really like Avalon Organics shampoo and conditioner. I tried both the mint-thyme and the lemon-verbena, I liked them both.
I also really like Jasons toothpaste and mouthwash. I like Weledas pink myrhh toothpaste also.
Burts Bees carrot lotion is awesome!!
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Oh baby, get thee to the Lush website!

I think the addy is


It is HEAVENLY!!!!


Oh, and even though it is Canadian the shipping is reasonable and it gets there pretty fast. HEAVENLY!
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In our bathroom right now, we have:

Tom's of Maine Peppermint toothpaste
Tom's Silly Strawberry kid's toothpaste
Tom's Natural deoderant
Tom's Natural Shampoo (Aloe and almond)
Kiss My Face hand soap (with the pump)
Pear's soap for the bath
Burt's Bees hair conditioner
Burt's hand cream

Bon Ami for cleaning the bathroom

baking soda for cleaning, too, and sometimes I put a little under my arms when I'm REALLY stinky!

I give all of these highest recommendations!

edited to add: tea tree oil is also great for cleaning and deoderizing the tiolet
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Oh yeah, and for cleaning you can just use vinegar in a squirt bottle! We also use Simple Green which is totally awesome for all cleaning including laundry. If you need something heavier use Bon Ami as a scrub, it won't scratch anything.

For the toilet bowl we use a 50/50 mix of Borax and baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice. You can also use that in the dishwasher.

For carpet deodorizer we use straight Borax.

For laundry we make our own detergent by mixing equal parts borax and baking soda, adding one shredded bar of Dr. Bronners, and a few drops of lavendar essential oil. I use about 1 cup per load with vinegar in the downy ball for fabric softner.


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as wahm source I like as much as lush for bathbombs -- and that's a lot! is http://blissofvenice.com
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Aubrey's haircare & skincare products, we love them! Kiss my face soap. Jason's toothpaste.
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I love Avalon Organic shampoos and conditioners. Anything by Desert Essences rocks my socks... also like Kiss My Face and Tom's of Maine.

I wouldn't recommend Seventh Generation products; I've had some bad luck with them.
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lush is very nice!! I love their stuff BUT I would recommend getting soap from someone else. Their soap isn't the greatest (but it does smell fabulous!!) I would find someone who has homemade soap.
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i just checked out the bliss of venice website. The bathbombs looks so awesome. Have you tried them? What are they like?
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I really love LUSH, I get my shampoo and deoderant from them. It smells heavenly and works really well.
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Aubrey and Avalon are both great. I use Burts bees makeup.

Dr Bronners oil soap is awesome for any type of cleaning. Body or home. For deep down cleaning I use his Sal Suds.
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I am working my way through every flavor of bliss...mumtaz is my fav so far. The scents are good...rich, natural essency rather than perfumey. They use a good amount of oil in each, so if you have drier skin it's great. If you hate oiliness, Lush is probably a better choice in bomb, they are not super oily though. They are colored, so your water will turn colors depending on the flavor (except the white ones). They have chunks of bath salt studded inside which makes them look very pretty...but no "stuff" like flower petals to clean out of the tub...I like "stuff" so there is a an item or two (cerridwen's cauldron bath melt and summmer blues bombs, plus limited edition bombs...) that I'll order from lush. But mostly, since they're WAHM, I'll be giving them most of my bath biz.
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avalon lavender deo for me
burts bees sage deo for sweety(works really well)

natures gate anise toothpaste(deelish!)

nature's gate herbal shampoo
infinity rosemary hair rinse(woe my hair is thin and straight)
homemade soaps for hands and bath

dr.bronners soap for the tub,toilet,sink,diapers..
natures clean laundry and dish soaps(other brands seem to give me hives.yeech)

rosewater+veg glycerine as face moisturizing spray(seems to work better than any expensive creams i've tried ~5:1 ratio)
almond oil for massage/baths + some essential oils

i find toms of maine & aubrey organics products too strong or somethin', they give me rashes
(yes some days i am a princess)
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I am trying to get with the program. Just want to know why you want to eliminate P&G and Colgate Palmolive out of your life?
I use the Origins stuff and I love it. But does that fall in the same genre as the above ones? Are you looking for all natural or just not those above? Just wondering?

Sorry had to add this, I tried the Toms deodrant once when I was PG, I had read that regular antiperspirant led to breast cancer and I really didn't like it. I felt that I was VERY smelly? Any good alternatives to that that still help you smell good?
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Mamabug, Colgate-Palmolive and P&G use animal testing (and so do most other manufacturers of cosmetics, even those who say they do not test their products on animals, because it is my understanding that they can make this claim if they test their INGREDIENTS, yet not their finished PRODUCTS, on animals. Sneaky.). One of my closest friends is a director of marketing at P&G, too... . Thanks all for your suggestions, and I'd love more if anyone has 'em!
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I can't live without Dr Bronner's peppermint soap in the summer. I just don't feel clean otherwise! I use it to shampoo, too, because it doesn't remove all of the natural oils from my hair.

Burt's lavender mint toothpaste is very nice too. His products are mostly natural and very good.

Inexpensive and usually good are Kiss my Face products. I use the liquid rock deodorant. I swear by it. It is much healthier than anti-perspirants. They have good shower gels and lotions too.
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I loooove Bed Head hair care products. I have been very cheap in the hair care realm for the last few years, but this stuff is worth the price.

Body Shop salt and sugar scrubs. I'm now learning how to make my own, because they are sooo expensive.

Kiss My Face Honey and Calendula moisturizer.

Bag Balm for my husband's hard working hands.

Tom's toothpaste.

Kwan Loon oil for headaches and muscle aches.

And I'm addicted to essential oils and attars (esp. in amber and rose scents). I love Kuumba oils, those from Attar Bazaar, and Madini's ambergris.
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I agree - Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile soap is the best! I mostly use it for cleaning but grab for it if I run out of soap.

We use Tom's of Maine calendula soap for in the shower and bathroom sink. Love their toothpastes too.

My favorite shampoo and conditioner are Nature's Gate cammomile - very gentle since I have thin straight hair.

For deoderant, I've found that most irritate me and my husband very much - we get rashes. The only one I can tolerate is Queen Helen's aloe vera. Does baking soda work well? My deoderant definately doen't cover up the oder, but I think it is just because I sweat a lot!
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