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Breastfeeding after breast reduction

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I'm new here, currently almost 34 weeks along with my first. I had a breast reduction five years ago and am worried I will not be able to breastfeed, so I was wondering if there was anyone here who had the surgery as well that could comment?


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My SIL, who had a reduction, is still nursing her 18-month-old. She takes domperidone and uses a Lact-Aid to supplement at the breast.
She swears by bfar.org and I've heard good things about the book Defining Your Own Success.
Good luck!
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I had a reduction years ago and nursed my 5 year old for almost 2 years. BFAR is a great website and the book Defining your own success is a MUST HAVE.

I took loads of domperidone and mother's milk tea (seemed to improve my let down tremendously)

you can do it! pump like MAD the first few days especially....it really helps
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What is domperidone?

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I had a reduction on one side 16 years before DD was born. Although the side that was reduced doesn't make as much milk, it is MORE than adequate. Augmentations don't necessarily mean problems, but you should do like the PPs said and read up before baby arrives. Congrats on your baby-to-be and welcome to Mothering!
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I suggest buying the book Making More Milk. It's authors run bfar.org. Arm yourself with the knowledge of everything you can take and do in case you have supply problems. I have implants but have ended up with all the same supply problems as a reduction bc it is similar damage. I make about 50% of my daughter's needs while taking domperidone. We supplement after every feed and I use a lactaid. I suggest having a lactaid on hand in case you need it so you don't have to use bottles to supplement. I started with bottles and my daughter got awful nipple confusion - wasn't sucking on the breast correcrtly and stopped opening her mouth wide enough for a good latch. Next time around I will do lactaid only.

I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I feel like knowing what you can do if you have problems early on is key. It was a long process for me to learn everything and it would have saved me a lot of stress and worry if I had already known it. Also please keep in mind that you can have a fantastic nursing relationship with your baby, even if you do end up needing to supplement. My daughter loves loves loves to nurse and I am so thankful for our special time and being able to comfort her and sooth her to sleep. :-)

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