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Anyone in Maricopa??

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City of Maricopa, not the county!

We just bought a house in Maricopa and will be moving in a few months. I have lived in the East Valley my entire life and have never lived somewhere truly new to me.

Give me all the information I will need!

Good schools, farmers markets, preschool, part time day care, moms groups, etc. I am really worried about the schools- even the charter ones seem a little strict to me.

TIA! I appreciate any insight. Can you tell I have been sheltered my whole life?

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ME me me me me! I'm only here for a few months, but my sister and family all live here as well.

I originally enrolled my kids in Legacy Traditional School, but backed out because the rumors of how strict they were scared me. I ended up enrolling them in Pima Butte Elementary, which is super close to our house. The homework is light, they love their teachers, and it seems pretty standard for a public school. They have tested well with all of their standardized tests, but don't seem to be overly stressed about them, which I like. I do NOT like their behavior punishment/reward system. The kids all start out each day on GREEN and can be downgraded to different colors (yellow, orange and red), depending on any "misbehaviors" their teachers may notice during the day. I don't like how subjective the system can be and I'm always afraid my child might be publicly humiliated by having to turn his card from green to yellow, etc. I have talked a lot with my kids and with their teachers and have let it go - mostly because I know we'll only be here for a few months.

I am not sure what method the other schools use for "discipline", but I think I have heard similar stories from them.

Pathway Prep just opened this year. I REALLY like them and would have sent my kids in a heartbeat, but there were rumors of a delay and I also didn't love having to drive them when this other school was so close. If I knew we would be here long-term, I would choose this school hands down. They were EXTREMELY individualized and I honestly got the impression it was about MY child's education and not THEIR test results. Friends with kids there seem to like them.

Anyway - overall it seems like a great place to live. Hope you enjoy it here.
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