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Huntington, WV-OB/hospital

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Hi! Anyone have any birthing experience in Huntington, WV? I started out in Ashland, KY, and was NOT pleased with the OB and hospital choices there. I have moved to a practice that includes midswives in Huntington, and plan to deliever at St. Mary's. Any experiences??
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Not in a birthing aspect, but in a general medical aspect, that's where my dad goes for all his surgeries.

I DO NOT recommend Cabell-Huntington AT ALL. They treated my brother and sil HORRIBLY and sabotaged a breastfeeding relationship.
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funny that this question seems to come up a lot.

search on my username, I may have commented a few more times, but here is the most recent:

Loved St. Mary's, private rooms, great staff, smaller, great LC, etc.
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