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Changes in WIC

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Just wondering if anyone read about the new WIC changes - more fruits and vegetables, but skim milk for those over 2, less cheese and fewer eggs.

WIC added bagged apples and oranges, bagged sweet potatoes and baby carrots, canned peaches and pears in natural juice, canned tomatoes and green beans, brown rice, corn tortillas, wheat tortillas, 100 percent whole wheat bread, and jars of baby food including apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

To keep the costs at about the same level, it reduced the amount of eggs, milk, cheese, and juice among the choices.
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The reduction in juice I agree with, the reduction in milk I don't. Skim milk for over age 2?? Definitely don't agree with that. We always have more WIC cheese than we ever need. I'm going next week to see what's on my new checks. We don't do non-organic apples around here. Maybe I could peel them really well and make applesauce or other things from them? Tomatoes are the only thing we buy canned so that's cool.

I hate being picky about free food, I honestly do. But some of it we just don't consider healthy.

It is definitely an improvement upon what has been offered for so long though!!
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I seen in the store yesterday tons of signs saying WIC approved in the fruit and veggie aisle. Sounds like a move in a better direction- but wonder why the heck wasn't the grains reduced? Reduce good animal fat, but not the crappy grains.
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Yes...Changes and lot of them...We have already changed in Ky

This is what my 2 year old gets a month...

1 64 onz jug of juicy juice
2.25 gallons of milk..she can get 2% on down.
6.00 dollers in fresh fruit and veggies.
32 onz of either brown bread,brown rice,brown tortillas.
1 pound of peanut butter or bag of beans.
36 onzs of breakfast cereal.
1 dozen eggs.
1lb cheese.

You do have the choice of more milk/and or cheese than the other.

I hate the juice option because she cant get anything but the juicy juice.And only the 64 onz jug.No more orange,apple/or pineapple ect..Only pregnant people can get the options now.

I know that babies 6months and older also get like 60 jars of baby food a month.

With her allergies we don't use much of this package..But the free veggies and fruit really come in handy for her.
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I have my WIC appt. today, so I am interested to see what we have on our new checks.
I was so happy to see that they allow fruits and veggies now, but it all came crashing down when I realized it was only $8 a month for them! YIKES! Is there more now? I guess will find out later.
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I get to pick up my new checks on Friday. I'm excited to see what I'll get. Bummed that we'll get less eggs (we go through a lot, and can't always get farm fresh). Milk, meh, I get it for DH but we'd rather drink raw. Juice.....well, that will just break my DH's heart. LOL I hardly give the girls juice as it is. I LOVE that they added fresh produce to the ticket. When we lived in Germany we had DOD WIC (military), which, according to everyone I talk to, is a lot better than WIC stateside. We could get canned veggies and fresh veggies and such.
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You can always use the juice to make non-dairy kefir (even w/ milk grains). Put them in grape juice to make a delicious fermented sparkling grape juice!!
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I like the kefir idea! We usually don't drink the juice but I hate wasting free food when we are on such a tight budget.

Definitely bummed about the milk although we do get 2% at least its better than skim.

They give you a dollar amount for the fruits and vegs so organic is ok you just might not be able to get as much as if you bought conventional. (We get $16 a month!)
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Originally Posted by Karamom View Post
They give you a dollar amount for the fruits and vegs so organic is ok you just might not be able to get as much as if you bought conventional. (We get $16 a month!)
That is great!!
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wic gets dropped off to your house up here but only on the 2nd and 4th weeks now so we have no idea what's coming. we'll use the veggie debit card for organic fruits and veggies for dd's baby food puree.
i'm glad were the kind of family that keeps a pretty full pantry of dry goods and canned things and raise our own meat and eggs because if we were living week to week with the wic being a more major part of the diet almost 3 weeks is a long time to wait (no delivery 5th week of sept, 1st of october, then finally arriving late in the week 2nd week of oct.). i worry about the families that don't stockpile for the winter.
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