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How big is big? - Page 2

Poll Results: How big is big?

  • 0% (0)
    over 7 pounds
  • 1% (2)
    over 8 pounds
  • 35% (57)
    over 9 pounds
  • 51% (84)
    over 10 pounds
  • 8% (14)
    over 11 pounds
  • 2% (4)
    over 12 pounds
  • 0% (1)
162 Total Votes  
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I put over 11lbs, because I had no problem birthing my 10.5 lber, but I had two over 11 lbs, and they were really hard to birth, both took special gymnastics to get out

So for ME, over 11lbs is big...
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I said over 10lbs, i'm 6 feet tall though, and my 7lb14.5oz DD FELL out and seemed teeny, so a good bit bigger would be fine for me.
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I voted 9lbs+.

Mine were all 9+ and like a pp said... the newborn stuff was too tiny for them! Plus I had to deal with the "big baby" protocols after each birth (turning down blood work, signing waivers, etc).

On the "official" end of the spectrum, ACOG guidelines for fetal macrosomia put the cutoff at 9lbs 4oz (it used to be 8lbs 13oz). So "officially" in a medical setting, a big baby is anything above 9lbs 4oz at birth. Though even the ACOG guidelines don't suggest a c/s for macrosomia unless the babe is 11lbs+. There's a nice summary of the ACOG guidelines here in case anyone wants to share them with their care provider... I mean, if even ACOG doesn't support surgery unless a babe is in the 11lb range, where are all these care providers getting their pro-c/s info?

eta- just like pp said!
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I voted anything over 10 lb. I think it's the double digits.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
eta- just like pp said!
Yeah, but I didn't have the nifty link for further reading!
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I'd say that anything over 10lbs is big....not ginormous, but big.
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