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what is your night time diapering system?

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I have been using pfs with a terry/flannel doubler covered w/ a bsww. I want to get new ideas because 8 mos ds is waking up at night soaked.
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We use prefolds at night too.

We use a preemie prefold as a doubler.
Then we add a microfleece fleece liner to keep a dryer area and we cover up with a thich soaker/longies.
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sorry I'm not much help. our son is 4 months, and we just use the same thing we use in the day.. fitteds and thirsties covers. No matter how soaked he gets, it never leaks at least. we don't even change him during the night at all, I just wait till he wakes up in the morning. Of course, he usually goes to sleep pretty late anyway...
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I use a pocket diaper stuffed with a shaped insert (like a wonderfulls but I only use 1 large one), and a bummis stay dry doubler on TOP of the diaper.
I find the shaped insert to hold more pee, because the mf fills the whole front. I found that sometimes the fleece wouldn't absorb fast enough and some pee would leak, so that's the reason for the bummis doubler on top- it's stay dry, but it's mesh instead of fleece, so it can't (I imagine) repel. That absorbs fast, then wicks it through the fleece to the microfiber.
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On my day-trained 3-year-old I use Toddler-ease diapers and Dappi nylon pants. Back in the day, I used 2 prefolds under a Bummis or Mother-ease cover.
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Have you tried wool? It can absorb 30% of it's weight without feeling wet. My fav. wool cover is Aristocrats,...nice and thick.
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I either use a pocket stuffed with 2 full size inserts, or a PB&E grae fitted with included doublers. Covered either with regular pajamas, or wool. Never a problem. However, I do realize that he is not a heavy wetter.
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Hemp prefold trifolded into a hemp fitted, with an Aristocrats wool cover... Bullet proof!
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We use BG pockets. One insert for 5mo DD, 2 for 2.5yo DS. however, last night both kids got premium prefolds with a fleece/microfiber doubler. DD had a litewrap and DS a bummis super snap (or whatever its called). This worked great for both soggy kids.
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My potty-learned-during-the-day 2 year old DD wears a prefold, hemp doubler and microfleece doubler in a Thirsties cover. She will sometimes wake up completely soaked...but without any leakage! I am looking into getting something more panty like, though...maybe a HH's Pocket Trainer.
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I'm going to sew some of these and use them with prefolds and wrap covers (thirsties and airflows).

I have some microfiber inserts from my 'pocket sampler' that I can throw in with the prefold too.
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Use a wonder wrap over it for your cover. Its a onesize and they are great. You could also add a hemp doubler.
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Either a GAD windpro fleece pocket with a Super-Do insert or a GAD one-size semi-fitted with a SuperDo and a Dancing Bears fleece soaker on top. Both systems feel dry and absorb a ton. For a really heavy wetter, the fitted/fleece is great b/c you can over-stuff the fitted and the fleece will keep it all in.
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We used BG one size stuffed with two doublers, and that kept everything most nights. Now the PUL is starting to leak, so we just put a fleece cover over everything and we don't have any leaks. DS is 28 months, and we've been doing this since about 8 months. We added the fleece about two months ago.
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