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Originally Posted by lwuertz View Post
DD was not sensitive to caffeine so I had no problems drinking it after she was born. My friends were all jealous, their kids went crazy if they had even a small bit of chocolate. Since it isn't a daily habit anyway, I'll probably just do the same thing I did with DD after she was born and try some at some point if DS is fine, then I won't worry about it. If he has a reaction I won't drink it while BFing.
None of my kids have ever been real sensitive to caffeine. I will continue with a 1-2 cup a day habit after the baby is born.
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I have one GIANT mug of half decaf coffee in the mornings, and sometimes a cup of black tea in the afternoons.

I often don't finish my big mug though. DH doesn't drink coffee (it makes his tongue swell, oddly) and I can't seem to make smaller amounts of coffee taste right. I also can't not put all my coffee into a mug- I feel like I'm wasting it if I don't at least put it in a cup, even if most of that cup ends up down the drain
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1-2 cups of coffee per day for me.
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Originally Posted by paxye View Post
As much as I feel like drinking...

I don't limit... but I also don't drink much either...
Yes, this.

I probably have 2-3 cups of coffee or tea a day. Rarely a coke at lunch. Nothing after 4-5 pm as then I don't sleep at night.
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Think Europe

I like their rules better. I bet if a midwife or Dr. told a French or Italien woman to quit the caffeine--he'd get a very fashionable high heel in the eye. Same with alcohol, same with sushi. The American culture of fear, gotta love it and then laugh at it.
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Probably an 8oz cup of coffee int he morning and a can (or two) of diet Coke during the day at some point. I space them out as much as possible and drink only water in between. It's the dehydration I worry about most.
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found this on the diuretic effect of caffeine:

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I drink 1-2 cups every morning, and avoid thereafter. That's what I did with my first pregnancy, too. The only thing I worry about is dehydration. I try to follow up the coffee(s) with water to make sure I don't get a ton of BH or something.
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I too consume caffeine almost daily. With my first I didn't drink any coffee until later in my pregnancy (never a big fan of coffee until then)! It sounded so good. While breastfeeding I had to be careful with caffeine - Yerba Mate seemed to bother him the worst. I like Yerba Mate (tea from South America) and good coffee/lattes. Just FYI - if you do get decaf make sure it is "Swiss water processed" (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is the only chain I know of whose decaf coffee is processed this way) - otherwise the chemicals from the decaf process is worse than the caffeine IMO...
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This was good to read. I generally don't drink much caffeine, with occasional hot chocolate being the exception. I have never liked anything coffee. However, the day we left for vacation last week, I found myself desperate for caffeine, as we were up and on the road by 4:45 a.m. By 8:30, I needed to stop at Starbucks! I ordered a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, hoping that would help, and it did! I didn't like the taste of it at all at first, but was shocked that it grew on me. The links here were helpful for the caffeine info.
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I drink my cold tea all day long, daily. It is less caffeine than coffee, but it has some. And I don't worry about it.
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