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things I would change:
I HATE &(*&()&)*^(^ Stirrups!!!! ARGH! I begged them not to make me get in those darn things.

I wanted a break between Baby A and B, since I was pooped. No dice. They were born 6 minutes apart.
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Originally Posted by verycozy View Post
Those of you who have already given birth in the OR--was everybody suited up in caps & masks? That would freak me out.

My only other child was a homebirth, so I'm really kind of a novice about how hospital births work. I'm really comfortable signing any AMA forms; so is my husband.

I have an appointment today with the OB, and I'll try to ask her some questions in a calm and non-confrontational way (and then I'll come home and cry and slam doors or whatever).
by baby 'b' everyone was suited up like that. baby 'a' was born too fast - right in the doorway.

i was annoyed at having to get on the bed and be run down the hall for the births, but i was glad to be in the OR in case i did need a surgical birth. i had a dr with a good track record for vaginal twin births though so it made me feel less like i had to fight for that. i was also glad for the iv though as i had been puking so much i would have been dehydrated otherwise. plus i was able to get antibiotics - so nobody had a problem with me and the babies leaving at 24 hours. i had a hep lock thing (but not with heparin? don't remember what it was) so i could move around and walk the halls. i just docked once an hour to tank up and be monitored.
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Originally Posted by DiannaK View Post
I delivered my twins vaginally, in the OR, with one being a breech extraction. No worries on laboring in the OR, since I did all of that at home. (showed up crowning Baby A)

You know my answer to everything .... if you stay at home as long as you can, you get to eat, walk, and labor as you wish.
Exactly! Stay home for as long as possible and show up ready to go... I am very happy with how my labor went at home... LOTS of walking, that is for sure. And lots of privacy.
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Originally Posted by yogafeet View Post
Exactly! Stay home for as long as possible and show up ready to go... I am very happy with how my labor went at home... LOTS of walking, that is for sure. And lots of privacy.
I'm facing this same situation in Florida as well. I totally get not showing up until pretty much crowning, but do you have any advice about how to time this? My last child was born 2.5 hours after I decided I was really in labor. Thank goodness he was a UC, or he probably would have been born in the car.
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My hospital's policy with twins was, with two vertex presentations, labor & pushing in one of the regular labor/birthing suites was fine. With the second twin breech, birthing in the O.R. was standard procedure. It seems like overkill because the birthing wing is so small, and the O.R. is RIGHT THERE, you certainly could be taken there just as quickly as a singleton emergency would. I guess it's the idea that it's known there's an increased risk, because of the breech presentation of the second twin?

I had a breech twin B (who turned after his brother was born and was born vertex) and I did go into the O.R. for the births.

I also got onto the skinny operating table as prompted, when I got there. I was standing on the table for both babies, as upright felt right to me. So crazy!!

I guess they'd have put masks on if there were an emergency requiring surgery? I don't remember any masks.

I was definitely focused inward, though. I specifically recommend HypnoBabies to anyone planning to birth twins in a hospital. We arrived and had to meet the on-call OB (not my regular doctor), who proceeded to try to bully me into an automatic c-section for the breech twin. He didn't think versions (internal or external) were safe or advisable, and he didn't recommend a breech extraction either. In the end, we had agreed on a breech extraction (I really believed the baby would turn, regardless) because I refused the automatic c-section. But basically, I progressed actively that whole time, in spite of the arguing that could have shut me down. I stayed in hypnosis while talking and debating (HypnoBabies allows for that, unlike some other birth hypnosis programs), and I was able to keep the adversarial stuff outside my "bubble."
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I also labored in a L/D room until I was pushing baby A, then got a short ride down the hall to the OR. We knew this was the plan and didn't argue with it -- just brought my doula and my best friend with me. As I was surrounded by these loving and kind faces (no masks), and since I was really in "the zone" by the time we went to the OR, I didn't notice the other people in the room.

They did have me slide over onto the table, which in retrospect I wish could have been avoided. I wanted to squat or crouch for pushing, but once I was on the table the only option was to lye flat on my back. I definitely think that slowed things down, but this was my first birth so I just didn't really know any better.

Once dd was born, my OB did an external version for my breech ds. I thought this would be awful but actually I hardly even noticed... thank goodness for the fog/amnesia of labor! Then, wonder of wonders, my OB politely excused herself and sent us BACK to the L/D room to have my ds with our CNM! Even in my stupor I was thrilled. Ironically though, I also pushed and delivered him lying in bed, because I was too exhausted to do anything else.

I know nobody looks forward to birthing in the OR, but I think that to some extent you can bring your desired birth experience with you, in the form of your partner and other birth companions, and your attitude and expectations. It does mean accepting some limitations, but doesn't have to be the end of the world, in my opinion.
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I never really found out my hospital's policy, because I went into labor so early. But at 29 weeks, vertex-vertex, I labored and delivered my baby A in a regular L&D room. They gave me the room that was at the end of the hall, closest to the OR. Good thing, because that's where I was brought to deliver baby B 35 minutes later. Good times.
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What type of twins do you have? If they are mono-chorionic it is probably best to deliver in the OR. TTTS can happen even during delivery although that is very rare. If you twins are di-di then I would not agree to deliver in the OR.

My twins were di-mo so I went with the OR. It wasn't terrible. I had a vaginal delivery so that is what is important. I did not get to nurse right away which was not good. I didn't care about the people there except for my dh and my mom. My real complaint is one of the nurses who coached me to hold my breath and told me I was wasting my energy when I tried to breathe through contractions. She also yelled at me once baby A was born that I wasn't holding her. I was in a daze, someone should have been supervising more closely, that stupid metal bed was narrower than I was.

So, if di-di don't go, otherwise do some research about complications before you decide.
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I'm so glad to find this thread. I'm 15 weeks with di/di babes and I so don't want to deliver in the OR. I'm hoping to wait as long as possible and see if DH can learn how to check how many CMs I am. If I get to the hospital at around 7 or 8 CMs then maybe I can just get there and push w/o any time for them to start talking ORs and epidurals. My peri looked at me like I was a lunatic when I asked about delivering sans pain meds...
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I delivered in the OR after laboring w/o intervention in a regular labor room. It was fine. The lights were dimmed at my request, there was no pressure to hurry up and deliver, I felt very in control and peaceful.
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