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Medical doll

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I want to make an anatomical doll with the possibility to remove the inner organs. Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?

The belly needs to be hollow and I don´t know how to make it that way.

I want to make the doll for christmas for my dd ... thank you so much!

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with what do you want to make it? Any ideas I have would depend on that really
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i don´t really care, i thought about a waldorf style doll (but only cause i know how to make them) - it should be a soft cuddly doll ...
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Could you make the soft body/belly around a hard shell? Maybe you could make one out of plaster?
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I have made some surgery demonstration dolls for a plastic surgeon that showed the process of breast reconstruction using skin that is still attached to muscle and how it is left intact as it is move for the reconstruction. It had to show the incisions and the tunnels under the skin where the muscles are threaded through with skin still attached. This was a similar problem to the OPs, I believe. What helped me sort it out is that I used foam backed fabric which was able to hold it's shape without stuffing. You can attache the foam to the fabric you are using with low melt adhesive sheet that you iron on, bonding the foam to the fabric back. There are also spray on adhesives but you must be sure they are compatible with the foam you are using and you have to wait for them to dry. Also quite toxic to inhale when you are spraying.

There are dolls on the market that are filled with parts that are removable, Like Ned's Head and the Lady that swallowed a fly-. Maybe take a look to see how they are constructed?

Ned's Head-

Old lady that swallowed a fly-


Here's a doll with removable organs-
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thank you for the suggestions, i will try to do this! I will definitely let you see the results!

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