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weird stomach aches...??

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A few weeks ago, I started getting sharp pains at the top of my uterus, just to the left of my belly button. After about a week, the sharp pains seemed to spread across the whole top of my uterus. I'm not one to call the Dr right away unless I'm in HORRIBLE pain and so I just let it play out and paid attention to when I got them, what I had eaten, etc. I couldn't tie them to ANYTHING.

Now I'm getting horrible stomach aches. I can't seem to tie them to anything. They just started about a week ago and are just crappy to deal with-especially with work. It's weird too, because they're never in the same spot even though the pain is the same. Sometimes they're lower (I'm assuming in my uterus since that's really the only thing down there, right?), and sometimes they're higher-like actually in my stomach. Occasionally, they only kick in when I breathe in heavily, making me think it's something with my lungs....I don't know It switches from sharp pains to dull, all-over pain. They come and go, but because there's no pattern, I'm not sure what to avoid to stop it. Anyone else having this? I'm not sure how to fix it. Any help? Should I call the Dr? So confused...
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Since the pain moves around, the only thing I can think of is round ligament pain. Which isn't anything incredibly serious, just the feeling from your ligaments stretching as they grow to accomodate your uterus. With my first pregnancy, mine got to be pretty painful in my 2nd trimester. You might try googling it to see if the symptoms fit what you're going through. Aside from that I'm not really sure. If it continues to be persistent, I'd probably mention it to my Dr. HTH.
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I've been feeling this quite regularly as well lately. I'm 27 weeks and it's a sharp pain localized to my stomach area. Almost like the stomach is cramping up. I can't eat and haven't figured out what to do to make it go away. I just wait it out.

OK, just as I was typing this it spread to the middle right side, but it still seems to eminate from the stomach...
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I had that a lot in my first pregnancy... seemed to be gas or slooooow digestion. A couple times I had cramping spasms all over my stomach that resulted in the runs Food poisonging? pregnancy? stomach bug? who knows. I've only had it twice this pregnancy and I'm 7 months along.
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No suggestions, but reading this with interest because I'm also having stomach pains. I'm almost 23 weeks.
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It could also be gas in your abdominal cavity which is putting pressure on organs, etc.
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