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Holding food in her mouth

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2 yr old DD2 has started holding food in her mouth. i asked my Health Visitor about it and she said to just ignore her, i tried but im worried about her choking on what ever she is holding in her mouth.

as well as that she ahs started to "freeze" where she will sit and stare and stare and stare for ages, no response at all to anything, she really had my dad worried the other day as she refused to eat her lunch or drink her drink, held food in her mouth.

could this be a faze?

there have been some pretty big changes in the past 8 weeks, her sister was born, daddy got a job, she started going to a pre-school type thing(which she loves). anyone else's toddler do things like this? how did you cope, any thing i can do for her to help her get throught her "freezes" i tried hugging her and 1 time it was like hugging a bit of cardboard, and another time she broke down into tears!

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The holding food in her mouth is no big deal. I agree that I would just ignore it.

The "freezes" worry me much more. Honestly, what you're describing sounds like a petit mal seizure. I hate to post something like this, but I'm sure other people have seen this post and not said anything because they thought the same thing and didn't want to say it. And, you need to have it checked out.

I would have her evaluated right away.
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Do the freezes happen other than at mealtimes? If so, I would see your GP: if you have a camera with a video function on it, I'd also record one so they can see what you're talking about.
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they happen at anytime, funnily enought when she cant get what she wants when she wants it. she had one today, i nursed her, she was done and i needed to move, she refused to move her head, so i moved it for her and she just lay like that in exactly the same position for a good while i kept checking on her and she fell asleep, she has ben ill over last two days though, slight fever, runny nose, cough, off her food.

i asked a health care porfessional yesterday and she didnt seem concerened as it could be a temperment thing (like tantrums, but the opposite)

i will get some video next time and see a dr soon

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