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Originally Posted by Kappa View Post
I went to the doc's yesterday, and she assumed I was still bfing my 19 month old too and was pushing for me to keep on. She rocks too!
Where do you girls find these awesome Dr's? We just moved, keep your fingers crossed that I find a good one too!
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Originally Posted by thtr4me View Post
He is very traditional, but over the years, I have watched him become more and more open to new ideas, including chiropratic, and now EBF.
Which proves he's smart enough to be a doctor.

I can't bring myself to trust people who are too stupid to keep learning.
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I think that's the best possible way of handling the asinine comments in general -- just sort of chuckle and calmly respond. Though it does piss me off to think that people who are less well informed might get that bad info and take it as gospel.
I don't know if it's where I live or what, but I've never in my life gotten anything but positive comments for nursing in public, extended nursing, homebirthing, CDing, cosleeping, or anything like that. Heck, my OB just told me he though it was "terrific" that I homebirthed. That was kind of weird.
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I thought it was pretty cool when I had my first appointment with the CNMs I am seeing for this pregnancy and told them I was still nursing a 4 year old before bed, and they were just fine with it. SO nice not to be immediately thought of as a freak!
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:-) she is a gastro doc.. for one..
she clearly had no clue about different then conventional
style of parenting so you should not worry about
her opinion.

from my perspecitve her comments were no more valuable
then those of the guy at the gas station

she is not expert on parenting, she did not probably
nursed a thing.. or a thing over what she was told
at med school. back when she was and I am pretty
sure if you ask if formula is better then breast milk
she might acutally try to convince you ha ha ha..

so.. it really matters who is the person that
makes a statement
and again, her diplomma and her speciality
does not make her more qualified to make such
a statements then the next guy in a grocery line.

laugh and pity (but not outloud)
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