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when does it stop being baby blues

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and start being called ppd? (never knew this forum was here or i woulda asked sooner).

ds is 10 wks old, and i still feel i can't cope with everythign going on. have NO experience w anything like this w my other 2. i still cry at nothing and am sooooooooo stressed out (medical probs and big financial probs in my fam right now)
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The baby blues typically stop at 2 weeks. The difference between blues and depression is typically blues are more of an emotional state where you cry over every little thing, but otherwise feel pretty good. Depression just makes you feel like crap. You have a lot of risk factors for PPD--a risky birth situation with lots of stress PP. you should see a counselor ASAP. good luck! hope your feeling better soon!
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There is a great book, Beyond the Blues, by Shoshanna Bennet. I highly recommend you read it.

Basically, if it is lasting longer than a couple of weeks, if you are having trouble bonding, if you are feeling distant, anxious, not sleeping or eating as normal (or as well as can be expected with a newborn) you might have something more serious.
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I've never heard 2 weeks, what I have read always mentions 4-6 weeks. It took about 5 weeks after my first was born before I felt normal and about 5 weeks before the depression set in with my youngest. Sounds like something that could use some attention.
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I've also heard 2 weeks and anything beyond that could be more serious. I had symptoms of PPD but kind of let them sit there for 2 months before I decided (with the support of my husband) it was time to get help. It's better that you talk to someone and find out that it's not PPD than to not do anything at all. Good luck.
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I let my ppd go untreated for FAR too long with ds1. Now with ds2 I'm already on Zoloft and it's been way better. I would encourage you to talk to somone and get checked out.
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Originally Posted by moonrae View Post
You have a lot of risk factors for PPD--a risky birth situation with lots of stress PP.
I agree that the unrelated stress (financial, family) compounds everything in a very bad way. With our firstborn, I didn't realize that our postpartum experience was not normal - it was FAR from normal - until I was seriously depressed.

I am glad to see you questioning your status at only 10 weeks along. Make a phone call and reach out. I hope you can find some support. It's really important. I missed a lot of the good moments during her first year because I was so "out of it".
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is st johns wort any help, andit is compatble w pumping my milk for my lil guy, right?
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It is rated L2 in Dr. Thomas Hale's Medication and Mother's Milk and considered "probably safe."
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I had PPD with #1. Depression runs in the family, and like you we had alot of situational things going on with us (loss of job, possibility of moving, etc.). I didn't admit to it until he was 5 mo., but I probably knew I had it starting at 2 or 3 mo. post partum. I just never felt like I was getting "over the hump", and that the end was never in sight...I know everyone sort of feels that way sometimes, but I was hopeless. Got on meds and was MUCH better. We moved closer to family and I got some support and got even better. Started sleeping again.

With #2 I was going to start meds asap. At the last minute I changed my mind. I told my parents and my husband where the drugs were and hoped that I would be on the good side of the 50/50 chance of getting it again. Because of the support and "letting go" of taking care of the baby, not to mention my lucking out on him being a good sleeper (5-6 hrs straight from the get-go!), I didn't get PPD again. I did get some "blues" around the 3-4 week point though. I think by that point the sleep deprivation is setting in and the reality of "starting over" with an infant starts to weigh on ya. I got better after that though. Still had some tough times, but I was more willing to take a break and hand the baby over when I needed some space, etc.

If we ever have #3, I must be honest and say I will 99.9% be sure that I will be on meds. I think I got lucky with #2, and #3 prob. won't be so "easy"...not to mention going to #3 is a whole new ball game

I tried all of the homepathic and natural remedies out there...I think I had some serious probs. Western meds were great for me. I still get flack from my natural birthing mommas in my town, but oh well, they don't know what its really like.....

OH - I went to my family physician to get the meds. NOT my OB.
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