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I just created a baby wearer!!!

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We decided a while ago that DS would be our only child. There were a number of reasons, my health being the biggest factor.

So I've been clearing out the baby stuff and distributing it to the 3 other families on the street. Just my immediate neighbors included we have a 3.5 yo, another 3.5 yo, a 2.5 yo, a 1 yo and a 2.5 mo. DS has finally outgrown my hotsling which was one of my favorite pieces of baby gear but I figured the parents of the 2.5 mo could use it much more than I could.

The mother works and dad is doing most of the child care. I just went across the street to drop it off and show them how to use it. I thought he'd just pass it on to the mother but much to my surprise he asked for a full lesson and is completely siked to wear his baby

This just made my day and you mommas are the only people who could share my joy that maybe Logan will be one less baby left to sit in a bucket
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Ooooh I love it! Seeing Dads wear their kids always makes my day. DH is a huge fan of wearing DD. It's also SO wonderful that you're passing on all your gear to people who can use it.
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Oh how awesome!!
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Awwww, that's so sweet! I've put my wrap on DH once and he actually liked it, but felt a bit silly in it I think. lol I'll keep working on him. =P
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I love it!
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That's awesome! My DH wears our DD and I am always so proud when he does! He even does it in public!!!
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Well done, both you and the open minded dad!!!!
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You are going to be that Dad's favorite person for a long time- great job Momma!!!!!!!
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