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If you did 100% CLW, when did your child wean?

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If you completely left it up to your child to nurse as long as he/she wanted, at what age did they wean?

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Willow weaned when she was 4.
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DD CLW at 4.5years and DS is still going strong at 4.25 years - I doubt he'll be weaning soon!!
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The only child I really did CLW with weaned at age 1.5. My other children nursed until age 5+, but some people wouldn't consider what I did with them CLW- I night weaned them during their second year of life, put frequent limitations on nursing once they were well into toddlerhood, and often said "no" to nursing when they were preschoolers.
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DD was 3.5, although she did nurse out of curiosity one last time at age 4

DS was just over 5.5; he had not been 'nursing' for longer than a few seconds at a time since age 5 but still liked to ask out of comfort.
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DS was a month past his 5th birthday. DD was a few months past her 7th.

I consider what you did to be CLW, Anne. Setting some limits as needed isn't an issue IMO. Nursing is a two person relationship, and the mother's needs count too. I too set some limits as needed. If 3 year old DD asked when I was in the middle of supper preparation, she could wait.
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My DD weaned a few weeks shy of her 4th bday. The time really goes by fast, believe me.
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dd1 went to four years plus one month

dd2 went to 2 years

dd3 is still nursing at 2 years plus three months
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Ours may not have not been what some consider complete child-led weaning because I did get pregnant while my olders were nursing. DS nursed through 2 pregnancies and weaned a couple months past 4. DD1 nursed through my pregnancy with DD2 and is almost weaned now, very rarely nurses. She's 39 months. 14 month old DD2 is still going strong, and I'm pregnant again but I hope she'll continue nursing as her siblings did.
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Thank you ladies. I was just looking for stories from moms who'd btdt.
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DS was pretty close to a full CLW. He weaned at 5.75 years.

DD had many more restrictions. She "weaned" at 4 years, 2 months but continued trying occasionally until she was 5 years, 4 months.

Oddly enough, both kids were fully weaned in May (different years, different ages)
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DS1 weaned at 3.5 when DS2 was 1yo. DS2 weaned at 3. DS3 is going strong, but he's only 4mo! Hopefully we've got another 2-3 + years ahead of us! I too put some limits on them as they got older, but not to encourage weaning, just to survive. Like, when I was pregnant with DS2, I told DS1, who was almost 2 that we could nurse to sleep and then not again until the sun came up. I just couldn't handle night nursing anymore. But he was surprisingly OK with it, and he continued to nurse for another 1.5 years after that.
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4.75 years for DD.
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Adam is 3 years and 11 months old and nursing furiously. Don't know how long he will continue.
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A little past 2.5 for my DD. She nursed through my whole pregnancy with DS and for a few months after he was born. I do think she might have nursed longer had my milk not diminished so much in pregnancy. But I didn't put restrictions on her, so I do consider it CLW.
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18 months. He got 4 molars at once and despite giving him every opportunity to come back to the breast, he was done for good. Surprised the heck out of me, and I posted here for help.

First baby nursed until 19 months when she lost interest. This was a more gentle weaning and more how I imagined CLW. She also nursed or pretended to nurse on occasion between the ages of 2-4, but only very rarely. I still consider her to have weaned at 19 mos.

I am not a SAHP, which may have contributed to the age at weaning, at least for #1. For the second baby . . . those molars just ended nursing. I have never put any limits on nursing, except for a brief period when the second baby was about a year old and I had a broken rib and couldn't get up often in the night. It did not significantly impact our nursing relationship.
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I did CLW with all three of my children. DS Just kinda lost interest once he started eating solids, only nursing at night; and weaned himself at 27 months. DD1 nursed regularly until 2 days after her third birthday, then just looked at me and said, "I don't want it anymore."; never nursed again after that. DD2 will be turning 5 next month, and still nurses whenever the mood strikes her...usually when she's tired, and always if she is upset or hurt.
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DS1 nursed until about 6 weeks past his 4th birthday. He found out I was pregnant with ds2 and decided that I "needed that milk for the baby." I assured him he was welcome to continue, but he decided he was done. DD nursed until just past her 2nd birthday, when I was in my 3rd trimester with DS2. I'm not sure how much the pregnancy factored in, though - she was never as attached to nursing as the boys and seemed really ready to move on. It wasn't about the taste or lack of milk - she just told me nursing was for babies and she wasn't a baby anymore. She tried once after DS2 was born, but didn't really remember how. DS2 weaned when he was 3 years and 4 months old, but I urged him too. I don't think he would have lasted much longer even if I hadn't.
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I did with 5 of 6 (the first was only 17 months when sib was born).

They all weaned at different times, basically right around 2 years and eating mainly solids.
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At 5.5 DD is well on her way to giving up (*she says hopefully* ). But I have had almost no milk for ages. And I do time limit her pretty strictly now.
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