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DS turns 5 tomorrow and as far as I know he's not done yet . He hasn't nursed in a week or so but I'm sure will again. Generally when he is feeling sad or tired/ cuddly he asks. But we also have pretty big limits and have for years.
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DS self-weaned a month or two shy of his 3rd birthday. We followed the "don't ask/don't deny rule".
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DD nursed constantly until she was 2 year old. Then she nursed mostly only during the day and maybe once at night for a while. When she was 3, she still nursed a lot, including NIP (and she looks a year older than her age). By 4, she still nursed during the day but less NIPing except after preschool. By 5 she started slowing down on nursing and went to pretty much just morning and night with an occasional daytime nursing session. By 5.5 she started skipping days sometimes, but usually nursed for a minute or two at night. Then I thought she was completely done (I'm sure I'm out of milk) by the time she was 6. She is now 6 years, 4 months and wanted to nurse last night for a couple minutes even though she has had "milkies" in a couple of months.
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DD1 was a couple weeks shy of her 4th B-Day. DD2 was 2.75 years.
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DS was about 3.5 although he is 4 years 2 months now and probably still askes about once a month or so at bedtime, but only gives it a second and then lays back down. I think he is just testing me to see if I will let him. DD turned two in july and she is going strong. DS slowed down at three so I sort of expect the same thing from DD.
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I needed this. I don't know anyone who had nursed passed three or so. My dd just turned 5 and still nurses. She is sweet. She only wants to nurse about every three days but then she nurses a bunch for the next 24 hours. Cracks me up actually. My other dd clw with some restrictions at 4y 8m.

Good to know there are other mammas nursing older children!
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6y3m, the summer after kindergarten.
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My oldest ds CLW at 4 yrs 3 1/2 mos
My second ds is still nursing at 4 yrs 1 mo. he seems to be slowing, just like his older brother did, he generally only nurses in the morning and at bedtime, somedays he'll skip nursing altogether and some days he'll want more but I see the general pattern his brother took.

My "baby" is going strong at 17 months
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DD is 4yrs 8mo and going strong. I tried to push her in September. I hyped it up all summer that in the fall she'd be going to preschool, she'd be a big girls and no more nursing.

She is way too smart though. When the time came, she said she didn't commit to this. She said MAYBE she would stop. So, I still have a nursing dd. She will be 5 in February and I'm really thinking that's my cut off. However, she will not give up easily. She asks to nurse in the morning when she wakes up (we cosleep), at naptime and at bedtime.
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A few months shy of 6 years. She just turned 13 Friday
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DD #1 weaned at 5.5
DD #2 is still nursing at almost 5.
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Olivia weaned on her 5th birthday and Eliana is currently still nursing at almost 4 years old. She only nurses at bedtime and occasionally during the day.
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DS #3 will 5 in 10 days and is still nursing strong, ds #4 is 1 y/o and i see many many years ahead of us!
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DD weaned at 17 months (and yes it was CLW, but she had a horrible ear infection and I guess it hurt to nurse. . .so she refused then after the infection I tried to get her nursing again and she wasn't interested anymore)

DS weaned a month after his 4th birthday.
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My youngest weaned herself a month after her second birthday. I was fully willing to go for as long as she wanted to nurse, but just one night she decided it was over, and she never looked back.
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1st child: 5 yrs and 4 months (right after his brother was born, he kind of lost interest)

2nd child: 2 yrs, 10 month and still going strong!

That is 8 yrs 2 month of non-stop nursing!
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i became pregnant when my daughter was just over two. she thought my milk got "yucky" and that was that.
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DD ...4 1/2 yo. still strong. She nurse at least twice a day. I set some limits after DS born.

DS is 15 mo. He doesn't nurse much for comfort, but I don't see weaning anytime soon.
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