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Crawling track for babies

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I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but its education of a baby! I have some Glenn Doman books and and want to build a crawling track. The problem is, I am in the UK and the materials do not seem to be as readily available as they seem to be in the US. Has anyone here made a crawling track in the UK and where did you buy the materials? Or if you made one in another country, what exactly did you use? Any alternative materials, maybe for the foam rubber? That is what I cannot find.

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I would use big pillows, stacks of cushions, some egg cartons, packing bubbles and a few cardboard boxes and set up a baby obstacle course.

You could take the bubble wrap and egg cartons to the floor so baby can crawl over them. I have done this with two year olds and they loved it.

Take cardboard boxes and take both sides open, so they crawl through, if the babe is ok with it, you could use a blanket to cover part of the box opening.

Is this at all like what the book describes? I haven't read that author.

Have fun!
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The crawling track is meant for use from newborn. Its made from plywood, covered in foam rubber and then fake leather or vinyl. It gives them a surface they can move on easily with all their little newborn movements and not slide around. It has sides they can kick off of too.
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Interesting. I hadn't heard of that at all-

I hope you find what are looking for.
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Moved to LWAB.
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I used the 1/2-5/8" foam that you use as a sleeping mat when camping.  There are several different brands.  It seemed to work great.

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