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HELP! do boys get UTIs?

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My ds (3 1/2 yrs) has had a fever for two and a half days. He's been complaining off and on that his tummy hurts, and he's not been eating much of anything. Drinking a good bit, though, so not dehydrated.

I asked him today if it hurt at all when he went potty, since it seems like he's going more frequently than normal. He said yes, and after more questioning, said it hurt in his tummy. However, he's producing a normal amount of light colored urine, and he's not acting like it hurts to go. When I had a UTI, I was practically on the floor crying it hurt so badly to go, and I could only go a little bit.

So, my questions are these: do boys get UTIs (it's my understanding that it can happen, but is very uncommon), and does it sound like this is what he has? If not, then what is it? He has no congestion, runny nose, etc., only a fever that has ranged from 100 to 103.5. Any suggestions?

Dh wants me to take him to the Dr., but it seems like every time we go there, we end up with something worse that what we went in for! Besides, I really want to stay off the antibiotics road.

Thanks for your thoughts, Margaret
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Hi Margaret,

Askdrsears.com has a lot of good information on bladder infections so you might look there. My ds (18 months) was diagnosed with a UTI on Monday but I think it was incorrect. He had no fever, no pain when peeing, just some pus on his foreskin, which has now cleared up. I think the urine sample was contaminated with the pus and it was just a foreskin infection in his case.

If your ds has no pain when peeing it sounds unlikely to be a UTI but it would be best to have it checked out by the dr because it could turn into a kidney infection which is dangerous. The dr can easily do a urine test to check for a UTI. I know what you mean about wanting to avoid a visit to the dr. My poor ds had to have a catheter to get the urine sample and we were given a prescription for antibiotics even though he really didn't have any other symptoms of a UTI (we didn't fill the rx). However, I still think it is best to go to the dr if you are concerned about something.

I hope your ds feels better soon.

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well, I called the Drs office today. They thought it sounded like strep throat. Ds told me that his tummy really really hurts, and that it hurts when he swallows. Also his side around his left hip hurts. His fever has dropped to around 101 or 102, so that's good. Dh is going to take ds to the clinic's after hours deal tomorrow a.m.

The dr's nurse said that they've seen lots of strep lately. Also, that they would probably give a prescription for amoxicillin or zithromax. If it's strep, I'll probably go on and give him the antibiotics (major yuck!!!), mainly because I don't really know what else to do for strep.

So, any thoughts are welcome. Thanks a lot, Margaret
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my ds1 had a few UTIs at age 3, due to a kidney malformation and reflux from bladder to both kidneys (diagnosed after these infections)

he would have a high fever with no obvious cause (ie no cough, sore throat, earache, diarrhoea etc) that would last for days then finally break. This happened three times before I took him to the dr and got a UTI diagnosis. After that I could recognise it myself and got dipsticks to check for blood in his pee whenever he had a fever.

he never once complained of pain with peeing, which astonished me as I have experienced many UTIs with plenty of pain

when he had kidney infections at age 7, he did complain of back pain, low down, one side, just around hip level

if it were my ds I'd get get his pee tested, shouldn't be hard to get a sample if he's out of nappies

then again if it hurts to swallow...
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That's kinda scary, emmaline! Thanks for posting. Ds woke on Saturday morning feeling great. Although, he's telling me occasionally that his tummy still hurts and that he needs some more Tummy Tonic! We didn't take him to the Dr, as ds seemed to be feeling so much better. If it happens again, I think I will, and maybe mention the kidney thing to the Dr.

Thank you so much for your replies, I really appreciate your thoughts. Margaret
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sorry gardenmommy didn't mean to scare you, but the scenario did ring my own alarm bells, hopefully yr son is just fine
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