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Can anyone in the Vancouver (or more specifically, Burnaby/Coquitlam) area recommend a good realtor? We have a realtor here on the island that is perfect, so I don't know if we'll get so lucky again. We'd like someone who doesn't mind occasionally going and checking out places ahead for us, since we don't live on the mainland right now, and who is honest about things. Our realtor here isn't afraid to tell us that a place I ask about is not ideal for our situation or to point out problems he can foresee. I don't want someone just trying to make a sale, you know? We were looking up-island for a while, and he would often go and take pictures for us or do some research and get more information. I actually feel a badly that the work plans have changed and we won't be using him after all, but he completely understands thankfully.

The other thing is, we likely won't even start looking seriously until summer 2010, and aren't planning for a move until that fall or maybe even winter, depending on how things happen. But I'd like to get on the PCS listings and start keeping an eye out now so we have an idea of what the market is like out there, and I'd love to have someone I can ask about specific houses or areas in the city. If you are a realtor, feel free to recommend yourself too.

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Hi Lindsay.

We have a good realtor I'd be happy to recommend. He specializes in the Maple Ridge area but I've never asked about Burnaby/Coquitlam so maybe he knows those areas too? He's very honest, used to be a builder, and has been quite frank with us on his opinions of different places.

However, rather than get yourself a realtor so early in the process, I know of a site where you can get the enhanced MLS listings free. Go to www.keithvines.com and follow the instructions to sign up for your free account. There are no obligations to use him as your realtor - we've been on there for years! ;-)
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Thank you! I signed up for that site and was having fun playing with it last night. I'd love the name of your realtor too if you don't mind sharing. Even if we don't contact him right away, it would be good to have some contacts in Vancouver for when we decide to start looking.
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This realtor was representing the sellers when we bought our house, but we were really impressed with him, after having met numerous less-than-impressive realtors at various open houses. He specializes in Burnaby.
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Our realtor is a friend of ours and a really great guy. He helped us buy our house in Maple Ridge but he specializes in Tricities area. His name is Dave Reiter and he is a ReMax agent. His number is 604-936-0422. He is very flexible and does a tonne of research for you ahead of time. All you need to to is contact him and give him your wish list and he starts to check it out for you

good luck!

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Our realtor is Andy Wallace in Maple Ridge.
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Dh had Bob Steffens as his realtor 16 years ago when he bought his condo, and we used him again when we bought our house 6 years ago. He works with his mom as a team and it was great having them work together. His mom was able to point out stuff that was important to the "womenfolk" while Bob was able to give pointers from a "family man" perspective.

He's quite honest in his opinions (he told us outright that one house sucked!) and was willing to go the extra mile. We had been looking for a place for 6 months and had looked at over 150 houses by the end of it. (Not all were with Bob, but a good 75% maybe). Wer're quite happy with them.

Oh, and they covered Burnaby and the Tri-cities.

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