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Birth control?

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Hello Mamas!

So what is everyone using for birth control now? After a lot of hemming and hawing I finally got the Paragard IUD put in today. I don't think we are having any more babies, but at least it is really easy to remove if we do want to try again. And even with the round-the-clock nursing I actually think I ovulated last month and got a visit from AF on Monday! Its been almost 3 years since I had a period so I guess I shouldn't complain...

Did anyone else get an IUD? Or is everyone just doing NFP or condoms?
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I still haven't decided but I'll have to at some point. After my very light "period" at 6 weeks pp, I haven't had anything like it since so I don't know if I've ovulated or not. I definitely don't want to be pregnant again so soon.
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I ovulated at 8w PP and got my period a week later. I was so surprised because Lolli was 9 months old when I got my period back, and I didn't ovulate right away. So anyway, I can't bring myself to take hormones or get an IUD, so we're just using condoms right now. We'll be using FAM once Poppy is sleeping through the night, but who knows how long that'll be!
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I got the Mirena IUD. I didn't want to take any kind of pill, and I would probably forget to half the time anyway. I can't rely on natural family planning, if I ended up pregnant right no it would be terrible, I'd like to wait until this cancer stuff is over.

I have had it in for about a month, I had some spotting for the first two weeks but now it's great! I have birth control and I don't have to do anything and I have no side effects
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I have MS, which is an auto-immune condition, so implanting anything into my body seems like a bad idea. Anyhow, we are doing condoms, and then when we can afford it hubby will get snipped.
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I got the Mirena. So far, so good. I had some light cramping from time to time afterward, but that's all.
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We haven't even dtd yet. So nothing so far. I bought these vaginal contraceptive film from the store and it says it works for up to three hours after insertion. So I'll just use that since we still haven't decided if we want more kids or not. Dh says he would be ok with no more kids but doesn't want to get snipped and I'm definitely not getting that procedure done.
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I got he Mirena IUD also...I know DH and I know me...and we'd totally be prego in a year or 2 if we don't. We'd like to get our finances in order and purchase a house or even be able to afford a bigger rental home before we have more children. I think we will have 2 more.
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