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Asia is 3 and 1/2 months old and is getting SO fun. She was an incredibly fussy baby until about two weeks ago. Now she is smiling, giggling, more aware and interested and curious about things. We got some baby books with really bright vibrant colors and i sit with her on my lap, her facing outward, and read the books to her and let her her swat at the pictures. She gets excited and 'talks' and coos. We have a playlist of songs that I made and she likes it when I 'dance' around with her and sing to her. She really enjoys the singing, it seems to calm her down well when she's upset. She really LOVES daddy time because he is really playful with her and does silly things that make her laugh. Asia doesn't take very many naps during the day, and sleeps really well at night, which I realize I'm very lucky for, so in order to get things done I moved her swing into the kitchen and she will sit in there maybe an hour and a half (accumulative) a day and just STARE at me and smile as I do dishes/cook/etc. It's really cute. I prefer holding her though, and do that probably about 85% percent of the day.