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Product name: TMD Buckle Tai

Brief description of product: A SCC with decorative body and buckling straps

Store/Site of purchase: (only available online)

Price: starting at $69 (mine was $74 due to colored straps)

How long have you used this product? 7 months

Fit/Sizing: Adjustable, so it fits anyone can get the straps longer or shorter if needed.

Performance: Excellent! I've never had any problems with it. Dd is secure and happy. It's very comfortable for both of us.

Quality: Again, excellent! The body is re-enforced with heavy weighted fabric and the straps are all done with heavy fabric. The webbing and buckles are also all very high quality. It washes well.

Customer Service/Communication: Great. Tracy and Amanda communicate quickly by email and answer any questions.

Would you purchase this product again? Yep, I'm getting another one soon, though I may get a mei tai just to have something different, but I'm definitely purchasing from them.

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM or company about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof. Nope, no need.

Additional Comments: I love this carrier and I appreciate the mamas who make them. I get compliments all the time about how pretty it is and how comfortable both of us look.

I give it (How many up out of five?):