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Is anyone else still having trouble nursing?

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or am I the last one to still be working on this?

Things are definitely getting better, but today brought green, watery poop that has me a little worried. We still use a nipple shield 20 - 30% of the time and today she seemed to gave forgotten how to suck. I'm hoping we've gotten the weight gain figured out, but I've thought that before and been wrong. We're also starting to look at some possible allergies.

So far I hate nursing. I know it's supposed to be all magical and whatever, but so far that has all been bunk. Several times I've reached a point of resenting her cries, her needs, and her presence. I HATE nursing. It hurts, no one is happy afterwards and it seems to be destroying our relationship rather than build it.

But it has gotten better! Instead of everyone crying before, during, and after each feeding, now most of the time no one is crying!

Am I the only one still stuck in this place?
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Yeah. I'm still having a hard time of it. Baby has tight muscles in her back/shoulders/neck/chin and it's causing problems because her tounge can't some out far enough. Or that's what an LC said anyway. She sent me to Bowen therapy and I'm not 100 percent convinced that's the answer. *sigh* Still using nipple shields. Getting kind of discouraged.
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Yes!! I feel like something is defective in me that I don't adore it. I didn't mind it so much at first, but now that my exhaustion has peaked I just feel sorta resentful. My son started off great. But, LC thinks I missed his 6 wk growth spurt in my milk supply. So I'm doing all this stuff to try and catch up. DH is taking a night feeding, but I wake up anyhow and LC says I have to go pump after next feeding so it doesn't affect my milk supply. I'm totaly pooped out. I keep thinking that if I can get to three months, that I'll feel different. I have 4-5 weeks to go! I hope I can make it. I totally can if he'll start sleeping longer at night!!
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I had a really hard time with my first child. He was nearly 10 weeks before nursing became something relaxing not challenging. I remember dreading the next nursing session and feeling resentful and really unsure I wanted to continue. I kept thinking every mammal in the world can do this except me!
But it finally got better, and eventually became a pleasurable thing.
I really recommend attending a local LLL meeting. While they really couldn't fix or solve my issues the support and compassion they offered really got us thru. It was good to hear from others that had challenges (some much more incredible than mine) and understood why I was so determined not to give up.
Good Luck
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hugs. Sorry you are having a hard time. Just wanted to say that green poop can often be from an iron supplement, if you take one.
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To be honest this is my 3rd child and third nursling and I'm still not a big fan of nursing. It is still a bit uncomfortable at almost 8 weeks. I appreciate that nursing is best and that is why I do it but I've never loved it, I only do it out of love and because I want my children to have the best and healthiest start possible. I hope it gets better/easier for you soon but don't feel too bad for not completely loving it.
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Hi mamas,
HUGS all around...... Nursing DD1 was a challenge for the first 4 or 5 months... and then off and on while teething, growth spurts, etc. I remember crying a ton, gritting my teeth and suffering through it, etc. I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. It did eventually become a good thing between us, but MAN it was hard. We ended up nursing for over two years.
DD2 is a much more mellow baby, and nursing is going well for the most part. What I'm having trouble with is pumping. With DD1 I could pump a 4 oz bottle in about 2 minutes whenever. With DD2, I'm pumping for DAYS to get 4 oz out. It literally took me 4 days ot pump one bottle so DH and I could go to a dinner event last night. :-)
Good luck mamas, and I hope it gets easier for everyone soon,
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Sarah, how would you know you were no longer having trouble with nursing? What would be happening? What would a nursing session, a day, a night look like?

I certainly had some challenges w/each of my boys - w/DS1 early on and w/DS2 & tandeming the worst part kind of peaked around 2 - 5 months. DD & I have had a pretty smooth time so far (11 weeks) but I don't take it for granted.

I hope things continue to get easier for you - it sounds like you've made a lot of progress.
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Originally Posted by Mamabeakley View Post
Sarah, how would you know you were no longer having trouble with nursing? What would be happening? What would a nursing session, a day, a night look like?
Actually, I'm not sure!

I suppose DD would latch on without the shield, I could hold her with one hand, she would get all she needs, and we would both feel confident and comfortable.

We are making progress and getting closer, and now that she's gaining weight again I'm less nervous, but I really thought that problems sould be ironed out by about 3 weeks.

At least I haven't had a blister or any bleeding for a while!
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Just remember you are succeeding! It's a gradual thing.
I had a lot of problems nursing my first- poor latch, she was diagnosed with failure to thrive, low supply, sleep deprivation like I had never experienced.
But, we made it. I don't know exactly when it changed, but it was gradual and it did happen. I remember mentioning to a friend that I wanted to breastfeed forever! It was so easy and convenient and sweet and cuddly! My favorite photos of my first are nursing her in thr bathtub when she was 7 or 8 months.
I'm still nursing her at 2.75 yrs.
But I do remember how painful and tiring and irritating it was at first!
I also remember the first time I nursed her handsfree in a ring sling while shopping! It will happen! And you'll be surprised when you realize that it really is easy now.
I second the suggestion of going to LLL meetings. I have made some good friends there and the support really helped when it was hard.
LLL saved my breastfeeding relationship. The medical community was no help at all.

And baby #2 has been a great nurser except for the first 36 hours.
Much better than before!!!

You can do it! You have already been through the worst part: looking at bleeding/ blistered nipples and deciding that it is worth it to continue!
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