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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Ok.. so it is in 2 days...

But we are having our Thanksgiving supper tomorrow night instead of Monday so that we can stay up late and not suffer the next day... and I just spent the day cooking and preparing things in advance for our Thanksgiving supper so I am in the Thanksgiving spirit right now...

Most Quebec French-Canadians don't celebrate Thanksgiving and as a kid I coveted my English friends' traditions (and turkey suppers) and wanted to have the tradition with my own family... so I started before the kids were born when DH and I were a new couple and have not missed a year... usually I have some family members over but this year I invited two other couples and their kids so we will be 6 adults and 9 kids... The two other couples have never had a Thanksgiving meal so it will be great to share with them this tradition of good food and family...

So what are you doing this Thanksgiving? (even if yours in in more than a month for the southern neighbours )

And... What are you Thankful for?

I am thankful:
- for this unevenful pregnancy and my future child.
- for the health of my family.
- for my three beautiful boys.
- for DH who works everyday to provide for us.
- for my Friends and the people around me that I can share with.
- for my growing homeschooling community.
- for my Chiro and my Massage therapist...
- for our new kitten who is a perfect fit in our family...
and for the 7 months of Paternity leave that DH will be able to take once the baby comes.

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What wonderful things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Ours isn't until later, but we are planning on a big dinner with both sides of our family. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, so I am looking forward to it this year.

I am thankful for
-two healthy growing boys in my body and one on the outside.
-for a family who is supporting our choices.
-for a great midwife who is really providing great care to us without too much medical intervention.
-for a husband that takes care of us so that I can stay home with our children.
-for a warm home in which I can give birth.

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We're doing a big dinner with DH's family (my family doesn't live around here)- turkey and all the fixins, yum!

I am thankful:

-that my brother (who is currently living with us) is getting his life sorted out
-that my other brother and sister's lives are moving the direction they want them to
- for my beautiful daughter who is learning and changing so much every day
- for an easy pregnancy with my lovely boy
- for my lovely boy!
- for a supportive DH who is open to having our baby in the most outside-of-norm way imaginable
- for the peace and comfort in our home as we snuggle down for the winter
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Happy bleated thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for:
my little, but growing family
my husband who tolerates my crazy hormones from fertility treatments all the way to birth
my wonderful friends in Canada whom I miss and my wonderful friends here who are just as great.
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