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Tell me what you do to reuse your baby food jars

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I have a bunch of baby food jars and want to hear about favorite projects. Preschool crafts? Christmas gifts for your neighbors? Do they work for freezing food? etc, etc...

Thanks in advance!
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I have so many STILL

We use them for scooping and pouring activities
Tea lights?
Or just to store things like beads or other crafts
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This might be a little late, but I found a tutorial online today where someone painted the outside like a jack o' lantern and then put LCD lights inside to decorate for Halloween. She said she was going to do the same for the other holidays.

The other unique craft I found recently in a book at the library of kids Christmas crafts was to use two lids to make a photo holder ornament. I can't explain it too well, but it seemed pretty cool.
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We use our for all sorts of things. Storing small items like earrings, seasonings that I buy in bulk, water jars for painting and also I can keep my water color paint in them after I've added water. I feel like less paint is wasted that way. Etc, etc. I love baby food jars.
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Not a crafty solution, but I used a lot when we went camping this summer. Instead of bring a big bottle of salad dressing, or ketchup, or whatever, I poured some into a jar. It really helped to save on space. You could do the same with toiletries as well.
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Last year I used mine to make mini-bath salt jars. I glued a scrap of fabric to the lid and tied a ribbon around the top to pretty them up.

It would be really cute to give someone 4 or 5 mini bath salt jars, all with different scents, tucked in a basket.
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if you google baby food jar crafts you get tons! here is the first one that poped up

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I am using baby food jars for a few christmas gifts this year. I made some cute sewing kits with the larger ones- fill with notions and supplies: needles, thread wound around a card, buttons, measuring tape, small folding scissors- and then cover the lid with a "pin cushion" made from two circles of fabric stuffed and glued on, covered with narrow ribbon and a bow. These are really cute.
I am also making paints to fill the smallest (meat) jars for some children. These meat jars are also awesome for filling with dried ground peppers or dried herbs- there will be lots of these used for stuffing my mom and dad's stockings. You can also make your own tea mix from garden herbs and put these mixes in the jars.
My baby likes to play with the lids, so I plan to pick up some cardstock and print these to make him a matching game: http://www.scribd.com/doc/17427375/B...-Matching-Game

edit to add: i also use a lot of them in my sewing box to corral like items: buttons, empty bobbins, needles by type, safety pins by size, etc. and i definitely use a lot of them for storing beads. some day i would love to get dh to nail the lids to the bottom of a shelf for me so i can screw them on and off and they can't be pushed off the shelf.
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my ds wants to make snowglobes and i'm wishing we had some baby food jars!
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I'm with doubledutch - do snowglobes! We did these when we were little. So cute!
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wish i had some of those jars now lol!

what about making tea lights out of them? cut or tear up tissue paper into small squares, cover the jars with a coat of modge podge, have the kiddos put the tissue paper on, then cover and smooth with another coat of modge podge. my kiddos love to do this and they turn out really pretty! make great gifts as well!
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For anyone wanting baby food jars, just post on Freecycle. I did so and got a ton!
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I store my loose leaf tea in them, use them for odds n ends like random screws and tacks and stuff that floats around my junk drawer (i know you all have one of these!). Really useful for condiments as well when having an outing like the beach or as someone mentioned, camping.
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