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twin homebirth--legal or illegal

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I am from Florida, where it is currently illegal for midwives to homebirth twins. Recently, my husband and I moved to Colorado, where I found out that it is also illegal.

In what states is the homebirth of twins legal?
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Each state is governed by different regulations (or lack thereof) for midwives and I don't know off the top of my head what each one's laws are about attending twins at home (or VBAC or breech for that matter). It might be easier for you to narrow down your question a little. Are you considering crossing the border into a certain state for your birth? Or going to stay at a relative's home in another state for the birth? If so, I would look into those particular states' regulations around midwifery, which should be available online. Or you could contact a state midwifery organization (for each of those states...for example, in CA we have the California Association of Midwives). If you really do want a comprehensive list of each state's reg's for twin births, it is possible that the Midwifes Alliance of North America would have such a thing. They can be found online as well. And then remember that each midwife has her own individual scope of practice based on comfort and experience level. Two midwives in the same state might feel very different about attending twins at home...

Best of luck to you...go get a care provider you feel wonderfully supported by!
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It's legal here in MO...we are planning a home birth for our twins.
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Legal here (Indiana). We are planning one for these babies.
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Legal in Minnesota!
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I've considered crossing state lines, but I'm not sure how that would work. I'm in northeast CO and in the two states I'm closest to (Wyoming and Nebraska) midwifery is downright illegal.

It would be so nice to live in a state that has good attitude towards twin homebirth. So far, all I hear in CO is how dangerous it is. Because birthing in a hospital is so much safer....
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It's not legal here in MD, either, but there is at least one CPM who will do it. I must, of course, pay out of pocket since my insurance will have nothing to do with CPMs. This is my plan if I continue along healthily.
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Like JenC said, I'm nearby in DC where twin homebirths might be called illegal. I had one here going on two years ago. In DC, CPMs are illegal (or alegal, not sure) and CNMs can't attend twin homebirths. So I guess it could have been called illegal on two grounds.

But I think most places it's illegal for the MW, not the mother. The story I read about with the FL VBAC where the sheriff came to her house happened because she went to a hospital for an IV then went back home and the hospital sent the sheriff.

So, if you're in a HB unfriendly state, just look for a good MW and keep quiet about it! You might have to travel for a good midwife, and you might have to tell a story in the case of transfer. But don't let fuzzy or bad laws stand in the way of a healthy homebirth.
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It's legal in both Kansas and Texas.
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You could consider going to the Farm in Tennessee. It would be a trek for you but at least you'd have a destination where they'd treat you as a whole person. Perhaps you could get prenatal care with an OB during your pregnancy and be in contact with them about when to travel there before your EDD. I know they have birth cottages where people stay until they go into labor.
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The Farm is my "dream" scenario. I have always thought that I would love the chance to give birth there. The only thing I can't wrap my brain around is the idea of driving back to Colorado with two babies. Can one do that without going crazy?
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Assuming your healthy, that drive isn't horrible. Take it easy, if that's what you need to do, do it. If resigning yourself to a hospital birth is the other option, just do your research. there are some mama/baby friendly hospitals around. Personally, I would make the drive! Good Luck!
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I'd rather drive to the Farm and back than give birth in a hospital situation, honestly. That's my personal feelings, YMMV. I'd just plan to take it REAL slow on the way back. Six hours of driving per day, stopping at a cozy hotel at night.
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I would make the drive, too. I would be more nervous about the way there than the way home simply b/c it could be uncomfy to drive for long lengths of times when pg with twins! I'd get to the area early if I could... take it slow, lay around in a hotel when not in the car- or even lay in the car when someone else is driving.
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I think it is important to make the distinction that homebirth is not illegal anywhere in the US. It is the attendance of a midwife which legally varies from state to state.
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Re: the drive. I travelled 900 KM by car when the girls were 5 months old. It was VERY challenging. I can not fathom doing that with newborns. My Mom was in the back seat most of the way to entertain them when they were frustrated, we stopped every two hours for feeding breaks. And we took two days to complete the trek both there and back. There were times on the highway where there was nowhere to safely stop for long stretches - which meant some horrific screaming. I would not recommend driving that far with newborns.
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MA it's legal, not much help to you but good for reference. I think most of new england is relatively unregulated as far as MW assisted HB.
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A far closer drive from CO, if you're considering doing so, would be to New Mexico, which has a rich and vibrant midwifery community. I believe Albuquerque/Taos has a major midwifery center there. Perhaps post in our tribal area to find out for certain...
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If you were to go to the Farm, I honestly can't imagine driving there & back (particularly back). If that's what you decide, traveling by plane would be best, and it might not be so much different in terms of cost. My reasoning: With newborns, you are nursing once every 2 hours; your body is still in post-partum recovery mode; you need lots of water and healthy food to be able to function. You don't know what the temperaments of your babies will be; my babies screamed bloody murder in car seats until we turned them front facing one month ago... as infants we rarely drove them longer than 10 minutes and only took them in the car if we absolutely had to (they just wanted to be in arms all the time). A drive xcountry with them... well, I just can't imagine it. The feeding & diapering of 2 newborns is exhausting in and of itself without driving for days at a time.

I like CJColorado's suggestion of checking out NM.

Also, have you phoned every HB MW within a 3 hour radius of you? Sometimes there are MWs who will go with you and fly under the radar... you could check on your tribal board for references. Good luck, and please keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by ksnow82 View Post
The Farm is my "dream" scenario. I have always thought that I would love the chance to give birth there.
What is the Farm?
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