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Asher Thomas has arrived!!

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Hello All!

We welcomed Asher Thomas at 2:58am Friday (10/9) morning. He is a great baby and healthy! He latched on like a pro immediately after delivery and has been getting better and better with each feeding! He initially weighed in a 7 lbs, 15 ounces and 21.5 inches long. He has the longest, skinniest toes!

Unfortunately, my induction definitely did not go as expected. I labored for about 30 hours before I ended up having to have an emergency section. He was wedged in my pelvis but not progressing for several hours, and unfortunately, my water broke on its own very early in the whole process, so I started running out of options. Turns out I have an upward-curved sacrum, so regardless of the size of my babe, I likely was not going to be successful in birthing him vaginally. I wish I had known that BEFORE the 30 hrs of labor...especially the first 13 that I labored naturally! Oh well...although I was very disappointed to 1. have to get an epidural in the first place, and 2. not get my vaginal birth, I realize that the process is just that--a process. The real prize is my precious, healthy boy!

So, I'm still here in the hospital for the 5th day...sigh. I'm hoping to go home tomorrow. I'll try to post pix later!
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great that he is such a good latcher (we're still working on that here after my emergency section)
heal well and enjoy him

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Congratulations!!! You are right it is a process and what matters most is that you have a healthy baby boy. How has your daughter been with you there at the hospital? I'm curious because I'm trying to prepare myself for when I am in the hospital for my section and I have to leave my son for a few days.
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Welcome Asher! Sorry you did not get the birth you had hoped for ... for a speedy recovery and a happy babymoon!
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congratulations jody and amy!
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How great! Enjoy your baby and heal well.
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Welcome Earthside Asher!
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Thanks for all the warm wishes. Gumby...my daughter has been ok with me being in the hospital. I mean, it has been a bit of a struggle for her, but she's really coped ok. I think it's helped that she has very involved grandparents who have been helping out a lot. I'm actually more concerned about how she'll cope when I finally get home and the baby comes with me!
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Happy Joy Joy.....another wonderful birth
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Congratulations on your new son!
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Congratulations!!! So sorry things didn't go as planned, but you certainly have the right frame of mind about it. The important part is your healthy son.
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